Derby #475: All-Over Prints

I hate to throw out another question about this derby, but, do we still need to have color separation for these print readies?

Probably not. I’ll check in to make sure though.

They say no BUT: if your design background will be a color other than white, that color will need to be separated into a different layer. Otherwise, the design itself will only need to be one layer.

Awesome, Thanks much ADQ. I may get to participate in this one after all :smiley:

Oh whoa wait… so then if the background is any color than white, that’s going to be ink everywhere? Eek… not liking the idea of an ink encrusted shirt! I wonder if others with all black/colored shirts realize this… I didn’t pick up on that when I made mine.

I thought this was inferred by the lovely pit picture in the blog…

It’s definitely not the texture of a screenprint if that’s your concern. Personally I think the tee feels just as good with or without the ink all over. I don’t think you should worry about the background being different than white.

Yes and no. Dye sublimation infuses the color into the polyester fiber itself, so there’s none of the usual ink feel as there would’ve been with regular screen prints.

damn it. i totally forgot today was thurs… i had a concept for an overall print but now i don’t know

Do it Mecos! this may be our only chance for an all-over :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh it’s not? Because usually shirts with lots of ink are on the stiff side and not so comfy. Good to hear it, thanks!

Ah… ok, that explains it a little more. Thanks Narf!

So, considering the tendency of shirts to shrink, not necessarily always in a uniform way (ie more along the length than the width) do the all over designs end up looking squished when the shirt shrinks?

you know what? i will. but probably not till friday night :stuck_out_tongue:

i went to bed at 3 in the morning last night working late, but i do want to part take.

Dye sub means 100% polyester, so no shrinkage.

That said, is a manufacture/ sizing chart available yet?

You da man, narf.

There’s some really incredible art happening here today!

I’m working on a size chart, but generally these seem to run about a half size larger than our standard Anvil Tees. And just to note, we are just doing these as a unisex tee this time around. We are not making separate women’s and kids’ sizes.

For anyone wanting svg templates that work with inkscape. (inkscape doesnt support the “template layers” used in adobe-land)



I gotta say I’m kinda bummed that no one has made a guts/skeleton submission if you guys need a seriously last minute idea.