Derby #476: Animal Mechanicals

Anyone else feel like participation is kinda light for a weekday derby this week? Wheres the 80 artists from the previous weekday derby :confused:

Maybe people are burnt out? Or having trouble coming up with an idea for this one. The all-over print was very work-intensive.

yeah. i would imagine given the theme there would be a lot of participation.

Hmmm, what’s our policy on that little dude in the Ikea instructions, if used clearly in a parody piece?

Looks like la linea…

We’ve had a couple in the past that haven’t been rejected. Just make sure you’re not lying to me and it is definitely parody. I bet you’re not lying to me though.

Can we please get a derby week without cats? This is getting pretty pitiful. Thanks.


I would never! :slight_smile: