Derby #477: Instructions

Is it just me? Or does next week’s derby feel a lot like this weeks?
Groundhogs day anyone?

The Fig 1 Derby could be a fig 1 that just describes an image. It’s a fun way to make people think about an illustration in a different way. When we were thinking this up we were laughing about how that little title can make any image have a punchline or change the meaning entirely.

It also works well with instructions, so in that way the sale will have some cohesive elements.

mabe you coulda just called it a “captioned figger” derbee, so it’d be a leetle more flexible than a “fig 1” dirigibee.

I actually like SPECIFIC derbies. The more narrow the topic the more creative a person must become. Often creating more original and less generic looking winners.
Of course, this only works if off topic designs are rejected, but that is always a different debate…

ideas for specific derbies:
“sphinx cats”
“precious bodily fluids”
“song lyrics from september 21, 1979”
“rhymes with orange”

[quote postid=“6495760” user="no1
“rhymes with orange”[/quote]

“Colors That End In Urple”

Dibs on furple!

Light Urple is my favorite!

Burple? Curple? Durple? Furple? Gurple? Hurple? Jurple? Kurple? Lurple? Murple? Qurple? Surple? Turple? Vurple? Wurple? Yurple? Zurple?

I’m sure this has been answered before, but where does woot stand regarding curse words? I know certain words are out 100%, but what about words that have double meanings depending on context?

Which curse word? Things like “damn” and “ass” have some precedence, but we don’t really get more edgy than that.

That’s about as edgy as I am thinking…

Shameless link to shirt.

why stop at 1 letter variations when you can have

churple, thurple, phurple, trurple, flurple, plurple, flurple, blurple, pourple, flourple

and my favorite, sourple

lololol… Nobody remembers this SNL skit? Skip to 5:14.

Oh I remember. The Reeves/Swank/Connery was one of the best. Although the Burt Reynolds one was good too.

Did you see this story? The BEST!

Am I going crazy, or is the timing on this derby weird? Doesn’t the mini deby usually end on Monday?

Not updating the template post isn’t weird for woot; the opening posts for the reckoning has been irrelevant for like 4 years.

So yes, this mini-derby will end on Monday.