Derby #479: Shirts as Costume

Quick questions regarding glow ink usage. I assume that the glow ink will count as one of the 6 ink colors, right? Also, is it necessary to show that the design has glow elements in the 186 preview? Thanks!

Though I’m not staff, I can say that based on past derbies, you’re correct on both counts.

Also to be noted is that the GITD cannot be halftones and may only overlay on white.

(In actuality, it can as I have some GITD shirts with halftones, but this isn’t TT.)

Awesome, Thanks Narf. With the no halftones would you think that may only apply to the GITD colors? My current design has light amounts of half-toning but isn’t near the parts where the GITD would be. Just to play it safe I may sub one with GITD and one without.

I would think so, but it’d be best to wait for an official answer instead.

Next Derby Preview: Halloween

This “Orange” color is messing with me (and my wife). It looks like a Salmon color on my PC, but on my phone it just changes between the two. Its like that white/blue dress!
I want to make an orange shirt but I don’t trust it!

Any suggestions?

Can I use a similar orange color for the Derby?

I too just need to know about halftones in the derby. Not for my GITD, it’s just for shading on the regular old colors on the tee

This will be my first derby entry ever. I’d love to use the glow in the dark option, but I don’t understand how to incorporate.

Am I correct in my understanding that we can only have glow in the dark overlay pure white? If so, in the shirt composition, do we submit two samples - one without GITD and one with it overlaid as a separate color (e.g., Red) to show where it would be?

Mine is an image that should create another image when it glows, so this would be a great effect if I can get it to work.

GITD ink will look white in the daylight and should use hex #fdfaea for the daylight example. You should also show a night version in your shirt comp and use hex #d0fcd0.

I would say to trust the hex code. You can try using a different one that looks right on your monitor, but you risk a “not a shirt color we offer” rejection if your example strays too far.

All the guidelines for halftones are on the left side of the page if you click the link “submit a derby entry.”

Okay one more silly question. We can’t submit for today’s derby until 12 EST, right? Mine is done now (thanks to jupilberry) and I could submit if it’s allowed.

Chalk up another error for me… The last time I checked, we were up for a graffiti derby. Now it says Halloween. Too late for me to enter anything, since I’m at work.

Does anyone (Woot staff) know if there will be a graffiti derby soon? If not, I’ll probably try my design for a daily. Thanks!