Derby #482: Slogan



Can you please point me to the wording of the contract? Thanks.


Sure thing. We will send these out the same way as when artists submit directly to us.
Greeting Card Contract

Biggest difference is in the language around compensation:

  1. Artist Compensation. For the aggregate amount of sales of greeting cards incorporating the Artwork made available by Woot to the general public, Woot shall pay Artist a flat fee of Two Hundred and Fifty Dollars ($250.00). If Woot uses or licenses the use of the Artwork in a form or media other than greeting cards, Woot shall pay Artist a fee in an amount to be determined by Woot in good faith. Woot will make quarterly payments for any compensation earned by Artist on a per item basis within 30 days of the end of each calendar quarter. Artist acknowledges that Woot makes no representations, warranties, or covenants with respect to the level of sales, if any, for the apparel, garments or other items or the amount of fees to be earned by Artist.


Thanks. Please consider inserting a line after ($250.00)…

If Woot uses or licenses the use of the Artwork for t-shirts, Woot will pay $2/shirt printed.

I think you are more likely to get artists to enter if they don’t see this as a back door to have their artwork put on shirts at a cheaper rate.

Thanks for your consideration.


The designs from last year, as awesome as they are, all look as if they have been set up suitable for screening application. I would love to see some pieces of art that are not created in this fashion, something that woot could not screen using 6 colors. I know there are talented artists here. Would love to see a different range of work. Juuust sayin. :slight_smile:


Six color limit on the holiday cards or go crazy?


I’m assuming no religious themed designs are allowed?


Is there a template for the cards?


Mike d. linked it in his post a little further up in the thread.


Probably a safe bet.


Hmm, I might be blind but I’m not seeing it. He linked the contract in his post. And last year’s card sale is in the description of the derby but there isn’t an illustrator template anywhere that I am seeing. I guess it would be easy enough to just look up the dimensions of the cards and go from there.


Shit. Sorry. Words are hard. I’ll poke the shirt crew and see if they can get the template.


I too was wondering if there was the 6 color limit? I’m assuming since they are prints on a form of card stock that it would be cmyk.


No color limit on the cards, no. Get color crazy!