Derby #483: Holiday Cards

ppl r gonna 42 all over this derby!


Hitchhiker’s Guide. I’m probably going to do something either Pluto related or… nevermind. The Hubs just commandeered my art skills into drawing his design idea. Alrighty then.

ohhhhhh, ive honestly never seen that movie nor read the book… thanks for the detail though.

hold on a sec here, who wears the pants in this relationship? show him who’s boss!

Damn. I had space-themed idea for a daily, but I guess I’ll derby it now?

Just a Question for the powers that be at Shirt.Woot?? Would it make more sense to name this discussion by the name of the derby to come (i.e. Derby #484), rather than by the current derby. It seems that most of the discussion on these threads each week are related to the upcoming derby rather than this derby as the link to “discuss this derby” on the derby main page would suggest. I hope that made some sense :S .

Just a thought.