Derby #484: Space

This shirt was extremely small. I ordered a womens large and I don’t know of many kids it would fit.

Somebody do a play on “personal space” and call it a collaboration. I’ll take 10% of the earnings. It’s a really great idea, but I suck at art.

I can’t get the pics to load. Been trying for two days. Very sad

Are you on a mobile device? It’s been like that for awhile. I’ve mentioned it but got no reply. Seems like that would be important woot!

Sorry tater. Could you send a screenshot and also what device you’re using? (Which iPad model, and, ideally, which version of iOS

My issues happen on android. I know multiple other android users that have mentioned not being able to load the derby. My version of android is 4.3 My pal maharbar says it is the same story with his iPhone 6+ (both chrome and safari) 9.0.2

It will just be “loading” like this forever. Will not ever let you proceed to voting or anything else. Been like this for me for weeks.

I had already done it before I saw this post. Great minds think alike. Sorry.

Regarding the derby page not loading on mobile phones. It comes down to the use of “lazysrc” for the real image url and “src” for the loading gif url. Mobile browsers think the page is loaded without executing the javascript to swap from the loading image to the real image.

To test this theory I made a little page that “slurps” the derby page and makes this fix on the fly, so that I can see what is happening in the derby on my mobile. It works for displaying the images. I can’t vote from it, because it doesn’t have login “smarts” but if woot makes that small fix it will work properly.

It will sacrifice those little blue loading squares while the images load though, but I would rather not see them again than only see them.

Mobile Test Derby

That is a link to the little page I made. It is ugly as anything and was just made to test a theory.

I have an android also and have encountered the same issue. One work around I’ve found is to scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and hit “view full site”. It will reload as it should then.

Sorry you’re having trouble, but just vote for that Space Bar one in the middle there. It’s the best one. You don’t need to see the others, really. :wink:

On a serious note, can I just say how amazing it feels to be in the fog right now? Regardless of where my shirt ends up, and if it’s printed or not, thank you Woot voters for putting me there for even a moment.

I’m currently joined by another relatively new artist, acraigl, and by 7 of the greatest designers Woot has to offer. walmazan, fishbiscuit, patrickspens, maloandthewhale, thatrobert, kevlar51, and collinvh. I’m humbled by the company I keep. :slight_smile:

I feel exactly the same way. Thanks for the mention. Good luck!

I feel left out. The derby works on Windows Phone.

You still owe a catshirt design. :tongue:

Happens on the iPhone as well…
The photos load forever and you only get half the screen in portrait view and 3/4 of the screen in landscape view. When I “request desktop site”, it loads fine.

Same on Android (Chrome). Requesting desktop version puts things back in order.

Maybe someday Narf.
But today is not your day.


As marceepuff said, go to the options and select “Request Desktop Site”.

Mobile sites are dumb anyway. Now that mobile browsers can handle almost anything a desktop browser can and mobile network speeds are faster, why not give the user the same experience on a phone? I HATE mobile sites that lack content and functionality just to make it prettier on screen. I find myself having to request the desktop site just to do whatever I’m trying to do on the site. (ebay, amazon, woot, bank sites, etc…)

Well said krittikae. And well done! Enjoy the “FOG Buzz!” :slight_smile:

I will! I geek out any time I get printed, and every time I’m in the fog, but so many of the entries this week are so amazing, it just feels extra special. I honest to goodness had shirts from all the designers in the fog at the time I posted that. Well, to be honest, 90% of our Woot shirts belong to the Hubs, I just “borrow” them.