Derby #485: Flowers

I went really far out of my comfort zone this week, and discovered a new art style that I really love doing! Anyone else tried to expand their artistic horizons lately?

Not familiar with woodcut designs. Really wish the link was working. Any examples you guys are aware of?

Here’s what artists came up with for Woot’s last woodcut derby:

Thanks for the link geekfactor12

Your new style is pretty cool! I kind of went off the rails this week, too with my fairy. I wanted to go for something more realistic, but I’m still in the learning curve when it comes to halftoning and making it look good at 6 colors.

I had to sit this one out. Considering ideas for the woodcut derby. I’m also waiting on feedback from a daily sub, so hopefully something on that soon!

Anyone know what’s up with Woot Stalker? They haven’t added any derby submissions in months

same restrictions as the last wood cut? 2 colors, no halftones etc.?

Here is the link to the last time woodcuts was featured, in that derby, there were several styles to choose from…
not all were woodcut.

Sorry, here is the link I had intended to be in there: Click Me!

Thanks for the questions to be more specific.

Standard 6 ink limit is in place - no requirement to limit the palate, but the style is intended to be that classic bold woodcut. Color often comes in as an accent or a subtle element.

It isn’t uncommon to do a watercolor wash or fill sections with bolder color and then print over the base.

Halftoning isn’t illegal in the derby, but if their use distracts from the stylistic intent… the community will come with pitchforks.

hope this helps

what are they gonna do, stab their monitors?

clickable where wasn’t b4.