Derby #488: Holiday Eats

Wow! Some great derby entries in this one that shot up very quickly in the votes. Amazing stuff everyone!

Can we get “phone contract” info when you have the chance?

It’s this. Standard Non-Apparel T&C.


Again, the problem with this contract is that it allows Woot to put the art on a shirt for $1/shirt instead of two. This means a savvy artist will hold back better art for another derby where he/she is guaranteed the $2.

I realize under the terms Woot could opt to pay $2/shirt but without specific wording, it’s not a guarantee.

Holiday food for thought.

I think the tote bag contract says the same thing, but I’ve always been paid $2/tote.

I’m excited about the phone covers, but does anyone actually change their phone cover that often? I have a plain green one I use every day. Am I missing out by not changing it seasonally?

I go through several when trying to find one for a new phone. But other than that I tend to keep one case for to work travel and then a beefier case for when out adventuring. Never can be to careful.