Derby #49 (Bugs): Honorable Mentions


What about the 4th place design? Is that automatically included?

No. Read a little.

This is about what woot likes. They don’t care what was voted for if they think it’s crap. The point of the HMs is to praise the stuff woot liked most, likely because they want to print it more than what got printed.

Though I’d say none of my top 5 made it either, so I have no clue what they’re going for

Thanks guys! Stripe appreciates it too. <3

I’m tingly all over, now. Thank you for the nod (-:

Yeah, i’ll throw my hat in there for a thanks too. This was about the last thing I could have anticipated. You could blow me over with a feather right now. Thanks Woot!

Thanks for the mention shirtwoot!

Even though I haven’t had a chance to do the Derby 48 Loser Awards yet, here are the Overlooked Awards anyway:

Okay, no offense to SeedUvPain (your design looked great), but that last comment isn’t even funny considering my designs of “Survivors” didn’t get any love.



Wasn’t “Bugs” derby #48?


Thanks woot. Tutu Bug was fun to draw. :slight_smile:

Thanks, Woot, for giving “Built To Last” the recognition it deserves. I hope to see this design again soon. Congrats SeedUvPain!

I’m glad to see Chili Cheese Flies get a nod. One of the best of this derby in my opinion. Good luck to all the HMs in the coming Big Do-Over!

More great choices by woot. Congrats all yous.

No Abbey Road? I was expecting it to be nodded.

I don’t know if they can put it in the next Big Do Over, since it was already submitted to threadless.

So much for the 60 day hold

YES! Gimme that Bug Collection Shirt! Congrats to all, especially Riffy.

Congrats y’all! Love the chili cheese flies illustration.