Derby #49: Independence

Thank you for the one ink color thing. That’s always fun.

I may have to sit this one out, unless I can get into the American mindset. Any tips?

Or maybe I could use Red or White and be Canadian about it. :tongue:

1 color!? lol this will be interesting.

I like the color restriction, but man, didn’t we already have a derby almost like this one? Citizenship anyone? Maybe it’s just how I’m interpreting the theme. Time to re-think.

Or maybe I could use Red or White and be Canadian about it.
Don’t need to be in the American mindset. Although it has to be on a red, white or blue shirt, nothing in the derby says it has to American at all, in fact this I believe is one of the more open derbies because “independence” covers a huge spectrum of things.

Good point.

I’m at a loss for ideas still, but this should open it up for me. :slight_smile:

I don’t think so. I wasn’t around for the Citizenship derby, but that theme seems to be the opposite to Independence. With Citizenship, you’re giving back to the community and all. With independence, we’re talking about striking out on your own.

citizenship is about the oppisite of independence.

I don’t think it has to have anything to do with America or any specific nation or even being a nation. Independence can be interpreted in a lot of different ways. A lone figure on top of a mountain, a baby taking her first step… not necessarily good t-shirt material, but representations of independence nonetheless.

Something tells me we may end up getting a lot of shirts about anarchy

Thanks for the reminder. I need to get more sleep.

I look forward the the ‘one color’ shirts, and the limited shirt selection…

Good luck everyone!

If you want to get political, there’s the issue of Quebec sovereignty.

One mime versus an army of mounties!

I really think that getting political is NOT the idea this week. It’s about independence in a pure form.

I’m finding this amusing with the color, and ink restrictions.

Wooooo, I love these one color limit derbies, It gives me more time to crank out the hits.

line art, yummy.

Me, too. And I think we could have some very broad and interesting ideas if everyone tries to think outside the box a little.

I’m all for the “no text” rule, but I wish they’d add some caviats. It’d be nice to be able to use some symbols. Like check marks or exes, or maybe plussses and minuses. Stuff like that.

I think this is also a way for woot to be resourceful. One color ink… and really, how many winners have been printed on red, white, or blue shirts? They probably have an excessive stockpile of those, among a few other colors.

That said, I like it. I like it alot.