Derby #492: Unlikely Friendships

What are the terms for the apron design? Is it a flat fee like the other specialty items?

It kinda stinks that these clue/Krampus entries are edging out late entries from the hotness:/

It’s the standard non-tee contract.

true that. i don’t even know what’s going on

I Agree. It would be great to have them taken down once the eggs are sold out. They seem to get sold out quite quickly, so that way things could be put back to normal.

Yeah I was trying to jump on them yesterday and they all sold out within less than a minute - kind of pointless to keep them in the derby. They’re distracting.

haha I don’t really either… first I just saw all these thumbnails with photographs of animals in the hotness and wondered 'why aren’t these obvious photographs being rejected? They’re taking up space in the hotness!!". Then finally I clicked on one and saw it was part of some other thing (that I am clueless of).

Unfortunately these entries that weren’t really entries were submitted soon after mine (which was submitted late) so soon after butted me out of the hotness - d’oh.

Yes… unfortunate:/

Anyway here’s my late entry if anyone wants to give it a vote. Thanks!


Any word on the colour restrictions?

Doesn’t really matter too much but the “guide” on the Illustrator template file for the apron isn’t centered to the artboard.

I usually delete it right away anyway, but thought I’d throw that out there :slight_smile:

Just limit designs to the standard six ink maximum. I was worried that we were out of a couple of colors of aprons, but just got the go ahead that all apron colors are available.

Thanks! Any chance we’ll see previously done apron designs in a side sale? I missed out on one and I’ve been checking back ever since.