Derby #494: Antropomorphic Everyday Objects

Both of my entries this derby are brought to you by squigglevision! Courtesy of drawing them carefully while riding in the back of an RV going 90 down the highway. Woo!

Can I ask a dumb question? Is anthropomorphic just putting a cute face on an object? Or should there be more of a narrative going on?

Also, the derby is misspelled as Antropomorphic (missing the ‘h’, 4th letter).

same 6 color limit as usual?

I think, unless otherwise specified, yes.

yes, anthropomorphic would mean human characteristics no just a cute face on an object, but i wouldn’t dwell on it.

Wikipedia says “Anthropomorphism is the attribution of human traits, emotions, and intentions to non-human entities.” I think a cute face fits that description.

aka, business as usual.

Any confirmation from woot staff on the colours?

The last dye-sublimated ones didn’t have the 6 color limit.

This is the link to the last sublimated derby discussion.

For anyone wanting templates that open with inkscape, some working links still reside in a post in that forum topic.