Derby #495: All-Over Holiday Shirts

Here’s an idea for Walmazan for the next derby… just a shirt with a Krampus egg. I can’t think of a better example of anticipation than that!!

My mystical ball show a submission from krittikae with a obvious reference to carly simon…


I have a few ideas for this one. It will be a fun derb methinks.

That was my second guess. There are SOO MANY shirts out there with reference to this…

These submissions would make good wrapping paper. I move to make this derby a wrapping paper derby!

Wait, what? Am I getting to be predictable?

Well, your mystic ball has let you down. I didn’t do a shirt based on Carly Simon, which after a quick wiki search is regarding, I’m guessing, her song called Anticipation. I actually did two shirts - one a joke about cliff hangers, the other, a bomb about to explode. I thought they were pretty funny. We’ll see.

Friday again?

Still anticipating this derby will start soon…

Fresh memories come flooding back… :slight_smile: Friday hey…

LOL … :slight_smile:

So about that derby eh?

derby… derby… derby… derby…

I did a cliffhanger as well… may the best pun win. :slight_smile:

See, THAT’S where I’m predictable. Count on me to have the same, slightly less impressive version of an idea as someone else. It’s usually fishbiscuit, sometimes oakenspirit, now you.

So how are you guys this morning?

Good. You?
Anticipation is making me wait.

C’mon. This isn’t building the Anticipation for you guys?!? :slight_smile: Sit tight.

You just remind me of myself when I started. I usually picked low hanging fruit and could not figure out why it gained little traction. I realized far too late, that the first 10 ideas are usually no good. It’s after that in which the “rib ticklers” start.