Derby #499: Suggest the 500th Derby Theme

I might have made too many…

Me too! I wonder how many (if any) will get rejected because it has already been done…

Past derby themes won’t necessarily be rejected, unless it is was super recent.
But we are watching for duplicates.
Whoever submitted first will keep the theme in the derby and the later submitted one will be rejected.

Will the winner be announced early or do we learn the theme at submission time?

If there is a clear winner, we will try and get that out there so folk have a bit of a head start. But it could be down to the wire.

I think you should use the top nine as random future derby themes.
The top 3 should at least get a free shirt… Or a badge?!

If we have an idea, but have never submitted any designs (and have no idea how to make a design), how do we submit the idea? Sorry, I’m a bit lost.

When does this derby wrap? Will it before Monday at noon so we can thinks about design options before it launches?

It wraps on monday like normal. If there is a clear winner ahead of time, we’ll post it.

Thanks Mike :slight_smile:

Wow some of these are just like bad Jeopardy categories. BOOM! That’s a shirt!

Wow. 500. Seems like only a bit ago when I was entering designs into single digit derbies.

I know, right?

there has been such an ebb and flow of participation. Voting vs submitting and of course quality…
Anyone want to take a swing at charting number of submissions with max voting for the life of shirt woot. That would make a very interesting chart, no?
I wonder if derby participation aligns with max votes. Of course number of subs per artist can throw this number off a little… But it still may have merit… I still say random gifts to voters does help the voting participation. I remember a HUGE boost in votes for something related to pokemon, a while back.

[QUOTE=benjaminleebates, post:16, topic:512605]
I still say random gifts to voters does help the voting participation./quote]

Weird that you’d say that. Check back on Monday… :tongue:

500 t-shirts to one lucky winner?

(FWIW, I have no idea what my current count is.)

Hey Woot, any word on who’s probably maybe winning?
Even just the top 3?

Eh hem… I have noticed quite a few rule violations. I believe it states less than 7 words… not 7 or less words. I see several entries with 7 words that have not been REJECTED.

Derby Rules Violation Community Watch has spoke.

Please stay vigilant everyone.