Derby #5 Theme: Light


One more suggestion/request (it’s never enough)…

Any chance the default display could be changed to random after submissions are closed. Seems kinda strange to keep looking at the same two shirts larger than the rest for 24 hours. Not that I really spend that much time looking at them :slight_smile:

no white shirts for the stainer complainers!
keep posting the final display by winning entry in order of votes, but it would be a great to hide the number of votes received. We’ve had (near)ties every week, I’m convinced it’s due to the display of vote totals.

It definitely is! I checked the Derb with less than an hour left and Breakfast was winning by 30-40 votes. Telling me all those people decided they suddenly wanted a shirt with an organ map on it? Breakfast should’ve won in a landslide, people just wanted another damn close call.

Also, really glad they announced the theme ahead of time… such a good idea.

since the submission page is closed, i don’t know where else to find the hex values, so what is the hex for kelly green and royal blue?

Aziz! Light!

So here’s a new wrinkle. What if I start working on a design, and a few hours later, someone comes into the thread asking advice about creating a design based on his idea…and we happen to have the same idea.

Now I can’t submit my entry without the appearance of ‘thievery’.

So, it would seem we either need to agree not to divulge our design plans in here, or we need to “call” our ideas, so that no one else uses them.

I would much prefer the former…unless anyone has any ideas…

OK is “Light” explicitly radiance and/or illumination

or are all definitions of “light” submissable?
such as:

of little weight


to set on fire…

The hex values are as such:

red: E71939
kelly green: 009B7B
royal blue: 005DAA

I suppose you might post a piece of your image to demonstrate you’re already working on it, once someone else had also divulged the idea- in that way, you might cause them to rethink and even quit.

I don’t think that scenario is much different than what we’ve already had–meaning, I could have a great idea, be working on it, and then come to find that someone else has already submitted something similar to the derby. Should I still submit my similar idea and risk people yelling “thief” or should I scrap it and start something new, recognizing I’ll be losing a lot of time?

I personally, would like a place, such as this thread, where I could ask for input on a design-in-progress before I submit it for actual voting.

Having spent some time in the competative 3-d modelling world, it is best that you do not divulge what you are working on until you are ready to get feedback or submit.

The allegations of copying and concept theft never ends.

I will say this, on more than one occasion I have been in competition with other 3-d designers and the more people that participate, the more often more than one person has the same idea. When the scope is narrowed in the competion (as in by giving a theme) the problem increases further.

The only resolutions I have seen have been:

  1. pull both designs out of competition
  2. let the design that is voted on the most (presumably the best executed version will win)
  3. end competitions

I favor the 2 choice. There is a fourth way, but that requires time and investigations by the company that end up making the contest running not worth the companies time.

Dibs’ on idea’s doesn’t work in internet based contests. I would not be surprised if 3/4’s of the derby entrants don’t read the forum threads.

A lot of this may turn out to be a strategy game (ie, early submitters vs up to the wire submitters)

At least the voting requires a prior woot purchase, that should help keep the gaming of the system to a minimum.

I do think the active vote totals being shown is a bit sketchy, I still would like to be able to sort by votes, but would prefer it not to show vote totals until close.

I’m just happy the Korean peninsula will finally be reunified.

Dernit! I wanted BACON! Derby #6: BACON!

I applaud the woot staff for continuing to tweak the derby. Making the theme known 24 hrs before the site opens up submissions is a very smart thing to do. Hopefully this well allow some really nice designs to come out swinging.

oh boy… do I have ideas for this theme! be prepared wooters, the cho is back.


Just kidding. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with this week.

can’t wait to see them!

I call dibs on the sun and flashlights. :slight_smile:

and fire too!

P.P.S. Just kidding

you have nothing compared to my idea which may or may not involve…

  • 50 year old mature women
  • curly, ripply bacon
  • zombies
  • circuit boards
  • b.o.c.
  • the digestive “railroad” track
  • some yarn
  • a kelly green coffin
  • some candy corn