Derby #5 Theme: Light

I too am forgoing the cartoony/joke shirt this week.

Have you tried it on the different shirts? I kinda like the restriction this week. Makes it more of a challenge to come up with a good idea that uses theme & shirt color. I’m finally entering again now that I’ve had my afternoon to come up with (and execute!) an idea.

Amazing, perfect color for the organic light design. But unicornlover may show up and argue that the shirt design was stolen from a organic light factory he used to work at…

Posting it up tonight because I won’t be home until late tomorrow. I will probably redo small portions of it and make some of the lines look better… but, this is the general idea. Most likely will go on royal blue.

changed colors

What are you, 12???

I’m looking forward to seeing your designs James.

…the 50 yr old mature woman :slight_smile:

Great design. I think it works great with the color. The only problem I have is w/ the placement on the shirt. It bothers me a little, but I haven’t the slightest idea where would be better to put it. Regardless, I would definitely vote for it, and more than likely buy it if it came up for sale.

I was thinking that same thing when I went hunting for the specs for file sizes just a little bit ago. Is that information accessible somewhere at the moment? I’m trying to create proper files for my shirt detail, as well as how the design looks on the shirt itself.

And a hello to all of you here in woot!land. :wave:

thanks to everyone that responded or gave advice -
yes, after i looked at it again - the placement did seem off - I centered it in the shirt now and i’m hoping that’ll look best. (its a hard one :P).

i know this sounds sumb but how on earth do i submit a tshirt design? i am new to the site and have not bought anything <yet, but i will soon!> Can i submit a design without buying anything first, or is it set up like voting?

truely confused,

When the derby is opened at noon tomorrow, you can click on the submit link in the derby post to submit your design. You can post a design without having purchased anything, but you will not be able to vote. good luck!


Actually I kind of like it. My only crit would be that the organic light has a very classical feel, but a flash light is a very cheap device. I think the same light coming out of an old lamp post or something similar would have a more powerful effect. But if you keep the flashlight, you might consider making the light shape more conical and less blob like. Then again I’m just a troll, so what do I know.

Nice, I like it. Me not being very well versed in photoshop and the like, how hard is it to change the colors? I sort of know how it works, but not all that well. If it’s not too much trouble that shirt may look really cool on a blue background. If it really doesn’t take long to change, you may want to make a red also, then you can put them side by side and see which looks best. If then you decide you like a different color better, you don’t need to change it after getting votes.

I’ve got to agree that the green palate is hurting an otherwise beautiful design, IMO. It may not even need to be on a different color shirt, but all those greens don’t seem to go together very well.

No the green works! It will set it apart from the rest when everyone is conservative with a Red or Blue tee.

One of a few submissions

“Rush Hour”

For more detail:

Rush Hour Detail

see, this is why i want to learn how to draw. I have good ideas, I’ve got 10 years experience using Photoshop, about 4 years experience using Illustrator, but I can’t draw freehand worth anything…it kinda limits what designs I can actually execute.

How did you go about creating the “light”? Was that freehand on a tablet?

PS - what are you doing here when threadless is dolin’ out ten times as much for winning designs?

Well, I’m only going to post these here when submissions open, so I might as well post 'em now. Here are my two initial entries (click thumbnails for full-size):

#1: [Crash Test Genius](

Fairly self-explanatory.

#2: [Enforced By Physics](

A dual-level shirt for geeks the world over. ‘c’ is the easy part, but if you get ‘conditions permitting’, then count yourself among the truly geeky.

Change your display to 1280 by 1024 pixels. That will fix the problem. Any less display sizes, and the add on the top of the page overrides the post box on the Derby blog. It seems like a bug to me.