Derby #5 Theme: Light

wait… lets talk about 50 year old mature women… we should share this

I’m expecting to see some great entries this week! Maybe we’ll see Fire Swallower make a return? :slight_smile: I imagine it should qualify for this week’s theme.

i’ve currently got three ideas. one i already did for something else few months ago, one I’ll be able to do tonight, and the third may get done on saturday morning.

this is the type of design I was thinking (t-qualizer shirt from which includes 50 year old mature women :wink: you know, an animated shirt!

Excellent - I missed the vitriol directed at you this past week. Also, please enter many submissions so we can all choose/fight over which cho shirt wins this week. Yay.

So I guess the Cho Cho train is back in the derby.

You could do a 50 year old woman lighting a fart on fire to roast a wrinkly weenie!

whatever you enter this week cho, make sure some minute detail isn’t quite right, so we can all bicker about it.


50 bucks someone attempts to do the dark side of the moon cover!?

I like the changes to the derby. I think it is wise not to make too many changes at once. But I look forward to seeing what the hinted change to the voting will be.

Last week there was a rule added with the one week shirt color restrictions:
"No printing on the backs of shirts. Two-sided designs will be disqualified. "
Previously in the blogs I saw where it was a case by case basis. Is the one sided rule now permanent, or was it just for that week as well? If permanent, what about a design only on the back of the shirt?

Also could you make the info on the submission page always available instead of only when submissions are accepted? It seems that the important rules are getting scattered all over.

I thought about being sneaky and trying to ask directly but I want all to have a chance to use different design elements.

Thanks for all of the fun in these derbies.

Hey. I’m a 50 year old woman. Not sure if I qualify as “mature”. I made myself into a Simpson after all.

My entry is ready…

Or a George Clinton and the P_Funk all stars “Flashlight” Shirt! I’d buy that BTW

Looking forward to it.
The advance day can only benefit all designers who happened to read the blog today.

are there topo lines on that?

Black shirts are not permitted.

Now I want to go a completely different way this week, a way that does not follow most of the submissions… do you think the woot community would care for a shirt that is not based on humor? I mean the circuit board USA and Path to My Heart did well, but I get worried that I don’t understand alot of these voters…

and damn, 3rd place feels nice but next week I want 1st

hey man, try going from winning by two to losing by one in the last 5 seconds of the derby :wink:

From Jason Toon – “…we’ll say it’s because they’re the primary colors of ‘light’.”

I’m glad they specified that they were using “light” (RGB) primary colors, instead of the “four-color”(CMY) and “traditional” (RYB) color wheels. :slight_smile: Yeah…I know…I have too much time on my hands…

I call dibs (since I’m trying to create it) on the “weightless low-fat visible electromatic wavelength” theme!! I figure there’s got to be SOME way to include all the definitions of “light”… :slight_smile:



Maybe I haven’t given this enough thought yet, but I’m not sure the overall quality for this theme is going to be as high as the last few.

LOL no dibs!!
Take a moment to look up the various definitions of light. it can be a noun, verb, and an adjective, it would be real fun to get it all in one shirt that is for sure…