Derby #50 Cyberpub: He's more machine now than man

The ad hoc Cyberpub. As always, friendly derby discussion is also welcome.

No quotes. Sorry, I am culturally challenged.


What does energy mean to you? Is it something that you can buy for $150 a barrel? Is it some ineffable New Agey quality that comes in positive and negative flavors? Is it a scalar physical property often defined as “the ability to do work”? Is it something you get from a can full of sugar and caffeine? Nervous, nuclear, mental, kinetic, potential, surface, green, vacuum, electrical, spiritual, solar, healing, sensible, latent, emotional: choose your energy and make us wear it.

No straight resubmissions from past Derbies, especially including Heat and Light. We’ll be pretty hardline about it this week, and we need your tattles to catch the offenders. But, as always, reworked versions of past submissions are permitted. We’ll be the judge of whether it’s reworked enough.

Incidental text allowed, but no slogan shirts. We’re calling this the Stop Sign Rule. If you need a bit of text here or there to make your design work, that’s OK. You can show somebody reading a newspaper, or the digits on a gas pump, or a label on a package. But if text is the primary focus of your design, it will get the axe. Again, we’ll make these decisions on a shirt-by-shirt basis, so err on the side of caution.

I’ve got a nifty Infographics idea I’ll be working on tonight…

Hmm… How about a stop sign on fire?

Have it held by Al Gore, and you got something…

Looks like woot listened to your request on the limited text skek. The fact that some requested changes have been made, but none of Adder’s complaints have really been addressed, says something.

Edit: Everyone else go out to lunch too? Big mouth bites at chili’s was a bad choice!

What are Adder’s complaints? I’ve kind of forgotten, since I stopped spending a lot of time reading the main Derby thread. As far as I know, one of his main ones is that woot doesn’t do much quality control over the Derby. To fix that, woot would need to spend more staff time on looking at entries than they do now. (In contrast, tweaking the rules to allow incidental text doesn’t need any changes to Joel’s nap schedule.) What other complaints of Adder could be addressed with little or no effort on woot’s part?

Sometimes I have to at least look busy.

There’s a whole bunch of suggestion threads under the “world of woot shirts” tab. To be fair, they’re not all his. Some are actually quite good. I was just wondering if perhaps the fact that they don’t use some of them means they’ve tired of reading the complaints.

I have to appear busy all the time too, but since using the computer is part of my job I appear to be doing work most of the time unless they are monitoring the internet. I know they are, but that’s a different issue.

Nope, heated up a Healthy Choice meal for lunch.

We’re grilling and pigging out tonight, so I had to go light on the calories for lunch. l o l

I’m probably having your lunch for my dinner, only the frozen food box says “lean cuisine” of “amy’s organic” or something like that.

double post (and I only hit post once)

In for lunch, hah.

All the “ad space” talk depresses me. I only started doing it because I saw Zenne, a great and respected designer, do it back in the Summer derby.

I hope you’re enjoying your crust.

I’m sort of agreeing with CW, just post something with content first, add the ad in later. Why should anyone care if there’s an “ad” for a design on the first page? My objection would be to filling up the page with content-free posts.

I hope the Ducky wasn’t driven off forever by the fake Kenney.

People love their drama don’t they? I’m not sure how much posting anything over there helps much anyways. Hope you come up with something interesting this week. I think no1 should make some spinach with bulging muscles.

Nah. I’ll avoid controversy whenever possible.

Everyone sees “content” differently anyway. I don’t view any of the posts I’ve ever made as pointless and content-free.

fake kenney sucks. I’m possibly wrong, but I think she’ll come back.

my existence is one.

Really now? Well, I find you polite, intelligent and an all-around nice guy. Is that part of the problem?

ahem A lesson in kinetic energy: