Derby #50 (Energy): Honorable Mentions


Grats to the HM’s… Ehalc, you finally got a nod. :wink:

Yay, eH! That cuteness pays off, you know. Congrats! And congrats to the others, also. Love the energy harvester, lots of wow going on there. One could write a movie script around that one.

Thanks to Woot, Jaden and Webby! The funny thing is, I got a woot HM previously in the Alphabet derby, and that week I also got a Best Losers. Robert seems to be predicting my honourable mentions! This is really exciting for me because this design was actually fairly popular. Congrats to the other HMs, although this means some stiff competition coming from the Energy derby. :slight_smile:

Thanks, woot! I’m leaving for my honeymoon cruise tomorrow, so please wish me and the new Ms. Rglee129 bon voyage!

Bon Voyage!

Kudos to everyone, with a special nudge to Ehalcyon for his placid decaffeinated bunnies…

Congrats eH! Here’s a couple more I liked that didn’t get an HM – this week’s Overlooked Awards:

Congrats and have fun!

Great HMs. How did I miss Riff’s Elephant design? I didn’t see that one at all. Great design Riff. Absolutely loved EH’s and DSladek’s as well.

Bon Voyage to Mr. and Mrs. RGLee. Congratulations!

I think the HM’s in the pixel derby are going to be at a great disadvantage when placed in competition with HM’s such as these in the Energy Derby. Going to be tough to beat!

Have a great time! :smiley:

ETA: I would have definintely given Edgar a HM for the dreameater design.

Congrats to the HMs!

Thanks woot! First HM! Feels awesome to know that my design was appreciated.:slight_smile: Thanks for the coupon thing too!

Hey, I had an idea. How about shirtderbystats giving an Honorable Mention badge to the HM entries?

I suggested that sometime back, along with a badge for most entries (since they already do Reject King and the Remover). I think I had a third suggestion to, but I forget now… I think it’s a great idea though. :slight_smile:

Have a great trip rg!

Congratulations!!! Have a great time!

yay eHalcyon! glad to see there may be hope yet for the Bunnies