Derby #50: Energy



Incidental text - looks like they do read the boards. :wink:

This should be a really interesting derby… now that I know the theme, I can brainstorm ideas while I’m shovelling “road crust” out in the heat…


Thank you woot! Thank you SOOOO much for creating the Stop Sign Rule!!! At last, we’ve seen a break. Now let’s hope it isn’t abused. And great note about not straight resubbing this week.


Also, watch this spot for my entry some time later in the week, since the basic opinion seems to be that advertising space is totally cool.


Energy. Interesting. And a big YES!!! for the incidental text!


this shall be fun.




This sounds like a great theme. Is there a limit on the number of colors or can we go wild?


SuperSpryte’s in Japan with only limited Internet access and Schrobblehead’s out to lunch (literally), so here’s the Cyberpub link.

The Derby #50 Cyberpub. All are welcome.

First time here? Want to submit an entry and maybe forgot something? Think you’re good to go? Read these rules for rejection compiled by derekfilley anyway.


it’s always 6 unless they stipulate another number.


i totally missed the whole last derby : ( but got home in time to vote for edgar-- not that it seems to matter from derby stats–so can’t wait to get my fix : )


I think they made that resubmission thingy just to make me rework my last shirt… or I could just be really vain.



Watch the ‘Ad space’ posts they are the definition of a ‘useless posts’ which will more than likely get deleted, now this isn’t stopping you from making a useful, well thought out post, and then editing it some time later… We can’t stop you there winknudge*


mine WAS sarcastic…


Just trying to get the word out there, before the concept caught on in mass :stuck_out_tongue: They always like the keep the 1st page more clean than the rest, since that is the page that everyone will come to first…


I think most of us tend to avoid doing that, since it’s tacky, but I guess it’s good to get it out there. Interesting- “first page” = first page


I just got my Discover magazine in the mail. There’s an article about hidden energy sources. Hopefully I can get some ideas. Good timing, because I got nothin’ else rattling in my head for this one.


claps THANK YOU!


No one can escape the filters :stuck_out_tongue:


This will be interesting. The incidental text rule is neat, and will be very well received.

Wonder if the gas pumps thing will be played on a lot, since it’s on everyone’s mind so much . . .