Derby #500: New Mythical Creatures - $5K Cup Round 1 of 3

when was this derby announced?

The last derby was a contest to determine the subject for this one. So, technically it was noon, today. MikeD did let us know what was leading (this one), so we took a chance that would hold.

Unofficially they talked about the leaders over the weekend. Then it was just up to us whether or not to get a jumpstart, knowing that it COULD change.

they should have had a regular derby (announced last friday) for today and left the winner derby for next monday. just my opinion tho.

I have so much time to design the next two derbies…I just don’t know what to do with myself.

so many cats…

The 5k cup sounds awesome. I’m hopeful there’s more literary themes in the future. I wanted books to win the theme contest.

Does 501 start on Thursday at noon as per usual?

When will the drawing for the coupon codes happen for derby #499?

And it is not part of the 5K cup… got it.

That is correct, the derby 501 is a normal weekend derby and does not play into the 5K cup. It starts on Thursday at noon and will be up for sale the following monday.

The drawing for the 499 derby happened yesterday and I think the winners should be notified today.

This was a good derby for me, personally. Not that I expect to win, but my design forced me to play with a learn about half-toning in Adobe Illustrator, something I’ve consciously been avoiding for a while now. New skillz, yay!

If you think halftoning in illustrator is nice, you should try it in conjunction with photoshop…
see here

Where are these mythical coupons we’re supposed to receive for voting? Did I miss the small print somewhere?

I’m pretty excited about the 5k cup! :smiley: Hoping I can think of a classic.

We’ll send out the coupon at the end of the derby.

Thanks! I’ve already done some of that too. I’m looking forward to my next entry!