Derby #502: Quitters! - $5K Cup Round 2 of 3

I’m seeing a ton of entries not sticking to the theme as far as designs, but rather titling it something so that it appears as such.

So, like every other derby?

I’m gonna cry foul on a lot of these entries. The theme is “quitters”. Not “not quitters”, or “keep trying” or “follow your dreams”.

I feel you on derby frustrations (I often have a few), but I tend to think of the theme as a spring board- They give you the riddle but your solution is a more personal journey- or something. heh

I’m saving my frustration for next week, when a thousand score people enter designs they have been sitting on for years instead of crafting something just for the derby- :wink:

I think the real winners will be ones who use the white color creatively.

I think he meant the 5k derby next week (pop culture mashups).

Oh I gotcha. I was thinking white shirts just because it’s so open. But yeah…dem pop culture mashups…

AKA “Inspired by practically every other daily shirt site” derby.

I predict 64% cats. I may actually break down and do one. It’s clearly what the people want.

i just hope i can break 10 votes.

I hit you up. Now +1 :slight_smile:

ask and you shall receive :stuck_out_tongue: thanks
(i should have asked for 100)

If only I had 100 to give. :slight_smile:

So maybe GMV? :tongue:

I will say that cats aren’t as prevalent on the pop-culture focused daily shirt sites; it’s more a Woot thing.