Derby #508: ​Lost in Translation

“Get the new Zip Hoodie Templates Here.”

I’m good but I’m not that good :smiley:

Is it me or Here = Nowhere?

wheres the zip hoodies template?

It’s linked on the Derby page at the top.

This derby should be renamed the “Shoehorn something popular in” if you aren’t going to reject entries that are clearly nothing but that.

I think there’s confusion about a misheard phrase or lyric (referred to as a mondegreen) and a basic pun or play on words. More than a few are the latter. But it’s up to woot to decide what’s on theme and what is not.

I must be blind then!

Whoops, the sentence there for the link but no linky. I’ve emailed.


I’d like the link to the template too

The old one was HERE.


Template link in the top post works now. :happy:

I always forget the unwritten rule: the rules are for chumps. Stick to the prompt = lose to someone who didn’t. Ah well.

Oh nooooo…was so looking forward to buying some of the “100 Men On Mars” shirt, that was brilliant!! Hoping you will choose that for a daily?