Derby #51 Cyberpub: The Preemptive Strike!

And, you know, all the other derbiers who just post ads here and then disappear. :tongue:

Man, that’s an even worse scale than fahrenheit.

“Hey! I typed first page and it came out first page! What’s up with that?”

“Fi**rst page” filters to that of course. But you know that. :tongue:

Now the question is, how much trouble will I get in for posting nothing more than FIRST PAGE on that first page post?

Probably none. It’s ANARCHY here in EBW these days.


Imagine our 16" by 20" print area is broken up into a grid of 1/4" squares. Your job this week is to create an image by filling some of these squares with blocks of solid color. You can place your design anywhere you want within the grid, and fill (or not fill) as many of the squares (or pixels) as you like. All of your pixels must align to the same 64 x 80 grid of 1/4" squares. You can’t use any other design elements: no lines, no shading, no partial or multicolored pixels. And, of course, you’re restricted to our usual six ink colors. This the same challenge faced by many of the early pioneers of computer graphics. Let’s see what you can do with it.

No video-game or computer-graphics references whatsoever will be permitted.

And no text.

This theme announcement is dedicated to Prof. Tek. We hope to hear from you soon.

I suck at pixel art. I mean, suck more than usual.

I think I could do a veggie design for you…

Hey eH, you got the first post under WootBot in teh main Derby thread. Do you want to post a pointer to the Cyberpub there?

Just do it. I don’t have an exclusivity contract with any veggies.



I’ll do it if I don’t come up with some brilliant idea. I should probably finish this church summer camp poster first though… any poster design tips? I’ve done web, brochure and shirt design now, but posters are new to me. I was told to make it 11"x17" which also seems a bit long to me…

Thanks, man. I was gonna revise and resub this, until I saw the graphics restriction. Dang. They must have seen my entry, and put that in :stuck_out_tongue: Paranoia, eh?


Might wanna clean that up…

I don’t know anything about graphic design, I just doodled in class and stuff.

11 x 17 is a paper size you can buy (at least in the U.S.; do they use the same sizes for paper in Canada, or do they use stuff like A4?). Does it have to be portrait or can it be landscape?

Just got back from Jason’s Deli. I see that I totally missed the Nintendo Power Glove/Wizard talk. I still have my original power glove and NES (which still works). It really didn’t work very well so I put it back in the box and kept it. I meant to put it on ebay, but I still need to buy that “how to sell things on ebay” book from the guy on tv so that I can figure out how :wink:

Ducky, I totally got your reference. I loved that movie. I bought Super Mario 3 the day it came out because of that movie. As a side note (mostly for SkekTek if he ever shows up), Jenny Lewis, the lead singer of Rilo Kiley, played the girl in that movie. Jenny Lewis is also from Las Vegas… COINCIDENCE???

Edit: it appears Skek showed while I was typing (which takes a long time apparently)

I love this derby.

Thank god.

I f*cked up my wrist (again) so this will be easy on my hand.

How many people think there will be 40+ yellow smiley faces?

I’m going to make 40+ smiley faces myself.

All on one shirt?

You’re alive! Welcome back, professor.

I figure we have the same sizes. That makes sense then. Posters are generally portrait… maybe I should go landscape just to mess with it. XP Ahh, I’ll see if I have time later… I’ll finish it in portrait now, then see if I have any ideas for the derby. I can try landscape after.

Not to mention the yard work… but it’s been rainy these last few days, so we’re not doing much now. Everything being wet makes the work more difficult.