Derby #51 Cyberpub: The Preemptive Strike!

Just got back from Jason’s Deli. I see that I totally missed the Nintendo Power Glove/Wizard talk. I still have my original power glove and NES (which still works). It really didn’t work very well so I put it back in the box and kept it. I meant to put it on ebay, but I still need to buy that “how to sell things on ebay” book from the guy on tv so that I can figure out how :wink:

Ducky, I totally got your reference. I loved that movie. I bought Super Mario 3 the day it came out because of that movie. As a side note (mostly for SkekTek if he ever shows up), Jenny Lewis, the lead singer of Rilo Kiley, played the girl in that movie. Jenny Lewis is also from Las Vegas… COINCIDENCE???

Edit: it appears Skek showed while I was typing (which takes a long time apparently)

I love this derby.

Thank god.

I f*cked up my wrist (again) so this will be easy on my hand.

How many people think there will be 40+ yellow smiley faces?

I’m going to make 40+ smiley faces myself.

All on one shirt?

You’re alive! Welcome back, professor.

I figure we have the same sizes. That makes sense then. Posters are generally portrait… maybe I should go landscape just to mess with it. XP Ahh, I’ll see if I have time later… I’ll finish it in portrait now, then see if I have any ideas for the derby. I can try landscape after.

Not to mention the yard work… but it’s been rainy these last few days, so we’re not doing much now. Everything being wet makes the work more difficult.

Who said anything about a shirt?

The bunny coffee mug in eHalcyon’s signature did. Little snitch.

Dude, I was just thinking that I doubt I have 40 different smiley faces. I was going to ask if you named all your different smiles. COINCIDENCE?!?

And the facial expression talk reminds me of Zoolander a bit.

Mug-bunny is sad now.

Well they all have names, but some of them aren’t ready to be seen just yet, especially “magnum”.

gives him a carrot Can’t have sad bunnehs!

I don’t even know where to start…

“I love the Power Glove. It’s so bad.”

I’M FROM VEGAS! This is just crazy.

SM3 is all just wonderful. DID YOU USE THE BOOT?!?!


That was the greatest powerup ever. They should put it in more games.

Yes I’m alive, but really busy with kidwork and housework and workwork. 64x80 is a pretty big grid… I think I could do something rather nice and convert it to pixels. My suggestion for designers is to draw whatever your design is, resize it to 64x80 and 6 colors, then reup it (with error diffusion turned off) back to full size. Voila- your design meets spec.

My hand really hurts though.

I did use the boot of course. I think I just had a childhood memory overdose though cuz I suddenly feel sick. Kinda like coming down from a sugar high.

That game came out when you were a year old…

I think you must only pretend to be born in 1988…


I told you in PM - I’m actually your boss. This persona is all an elaborate ruse.

Who says I can’t play older games? :tongue:

Hmm…I was 8 when it came out.

Wow, eHalcyon…you’re the same age as my younger sister. O.o

I hope that by “older” you mean “superior”.