Derby #51 (Pixel Grid): Honorable Mentions


I really that brush design. Definitely deserved this HM. I didn’t even notice Pixel Collision in the derbies, but it’s certainly a good use of the theme. And the aliens are rather great. :tongue:

Congrats to the HM winners. Way to make the best of a bad theme.

Love the brush design.

I would argue that the lack of an exhibit D might only bolster the crap derby argument

True. If we were to rank derbies based on the number of HMs handed out, what would the list be like? I’m a bit busy right now, but if nobody else does this before I have free time, I’ll get on it. Curious.

Not many HMs this time. Here’s a couple that I liked and could sell well on their own – this week’s Overlooked Awards:

Grats on the HM Artulo!!! Totally reminded me of my jellyfish from the mother’s day derby.

HMs only go back to derby 39 (Motion), right? The first number is the HMs awarded and the number in parentheses is the derby number.

8 Motion (39)
6 Motherhood (40)
6 Alphabet (41)
6 Summer (44)
6 Imaginational Symbols (45)
6 Green (46)
6 Home (47)
6 Bugs (48) ** Ha, the HM thread for this was mislabelled as derby 49
6 Independence (49)
6 Energy (50)
5 Revolution (42)
5 Slogan (43)
3 Pixel Grid (51)

Is this because the big do over derby is on the horizon? Hmmmm

Congrats to kls and tyh!

(oh, and thanks to woot as well for picking one of mine!)

Thanks Woot for the HM! But from the Pixel Derby? OH NO!! Going to have a really tough go of it once the Do-Over derby comes around.

Still very exciting to earn my first HM. Thanks very much!

Congratulations to the other HMs as well!

Sorry all, there was a miscommunication on my part and I left a couple of HMs off the list. We’ll have it updated here momentarily.

i never saw a thread for the HMs for independence… where is it?

Love that Artulo’s Tiger got an HM too! Artulo…you may be the first to have two HMs in the same derby. Kudos friend!

hah, thanks woot and kls! can I be the prince of pixels? :slight_smile:

kudos to the other HM’s as well!!

independence hm’s

I nominate thee 'Prince of Pixels"…anyone care to second the nomination? :slight_smile:

I would never wish that title on anyone. I’d rather nominate him “prince of likely getting printed next week”

Good point. :slight_smile: Although…there are some amazing pixel artworks. I think the problem with this particular derby was the 4px requirement. Perhaps allowing for 8px would have allowed for better designs.

i was bummed that the cherry blossim panel one didnt make it :frowning: