Derby #51: Pixel Grid

The Derby #51 Cyberpub, graciously brought to you by Schrobblehead in superspryte’s absence. If things get quiet around here, check in the Pub. All are welcome to join in our inane chatter.

[edit by superspryte] I think I’m safely back now, but moving to Japan means I might not be around when you are. ^_~ [/edit]

First time here? Want to submit an entry but not sure where to begin? Read these unofficial rules compiled by derekfilley. If you haven’t read them but think you know what you’re doing - read them anyway.

If you use Photoshop, you’ll find the following useful:

To show a grid: ctrl+’

To adjust the grid: Edit > Preferences > Guides, Grid, Slices & Count…

To show rulers:: ctrl+R (right click to change units)

To show/hide “Extras” (including grid and guides): ctrl+H

If you’re finding that the grid isn’t helping that much, make sure you have your snap settings checked appropriately: View > Snap and View > Snap To > Grid

Alternatively (and perhaps more easily), you can create a 16"x20" document with a resolution of 4 pixels/inch. This will give you a 64x80 pixel canvas, so that’s 1 pixel/grid square. You can size up to 300 dpi afterwards.

Good luck!

Well, I guess this theme makes the design aspect for this derby a little easier. Pixel art… should be fun. Extremely open theme means we’ll see lots of crazy stuff. :slight_smile:

Alrighty, I was hoping for a theme I could compete in and this is definitely just such a theme.

I’m a fan :slight_smile:

Sounds interesting…

Ok, separate thought. Here’s a question for the woot overlords.

Can the grid, or part of the grid, be displayed as part of the design? Can designs ONLY consist of squares of color, or is it ok to show the lines that separate said squares?

For instance:

(i know the description said no lines, but i think it’s still a valid question)

ah…i thought we might have something like this…we haven’t had a derby based solely on technical requirements for a while…and i’m looking forward to all the great ideas from this one, seeing that this is a wide-open theme. good luck to all. :slight_smile:

Oh yeah! Love this theme. great ideas already.

that’s 1,280 squares… fun isn’t the word i’d use to describe this one…

Isn’t it 5120?

(164)(20*4) :slight_smile:

ya, that’s what i was thinking…(also 64*80)

good lord…this could easily get very tedious very fast. Who’s with me on using MS Paint for this one?

i did it 16 x 20 x 4… i was never good at math :stuck_out_tongue:

hell i still dont even really understand what they are looking for. guess i’ll wait and see some entries before putting any thought in

“View > Snap to Grid” is going to come in handy this week I think.

Pulling out the big gun ideas! I approve! =D

Over/Under on the number of entries?? Doubt it will be as many as the text-only “Slogan” derby (1411 entries), but it’s gonna be up there…

I’ll set the line at an even 1000.

Holy smokes, what a total left-field challenge, hahah. I’m very excited to see what everyone comes up with! =D Good luck everyone!

Hmmmm… I just took a look at the grid in Illustrator. That’s an awful lot of blocks. Daunting.

I saved an empty grid as an Illustrator EPS: (367.8KB)

The bottom layer is the grid, locked, with an empty layer above it for building on. If you are using Photoshop you can easily import the eps. Other programs, I’m not so sure. Still, it’s a start.

(edit) If you use this, be sure to turn off the grid layer before submitting. Leaving it on will likely violate the “no lines” rule.

Paint is no good for layering. :slight_smile:

Snap to Grid is a greyed-out and permanently checked option for me. Strange. I figure I’ll be starting by setting a bunch of guides. :tongue:

Eh, I wouldn’t go that far. I’ll guess 500 ± 50. 10% margin of error. Of course, the vast majority of the entries won’t be printable because the “designers” will not have created it at the proper resolution or even in a proper program that allows layering.

Never mind. View > Show > Grid.

Now to find the options to adjust the grid size…

Edit: Edit > Preferences > Guides, Grid…