Derby #52 (Emergency): Honorable Mentions


Thanks guys! =D

Grats to the other HMs too!

Emergency was one of the best derbies in recent memory. Great Job Guys!!

Great choices, especially for fable and lucky. Congrats you all. :tongue:

Is this the first fourth placer to get honorable mention? There were other fourth placers that should have been in the current Double-Take Derby.

Very thorough and great choices Woot – got at least half the BLAs in there. Here’s a couple they missed – the derby 52 Overlooked Awards:

Zenne’s Summertime was a 4th placer than got an HM. I don’t think there have been any others though.

Thanks Robert!

So sokowa gets screwed, twice.

cool! thanks guys, and kudos to my fellow honorees.

Congratulations on the HMs everybody. Great choices indeed! I really enjoyed the submissions last derby. Hope the Old West are equally as impressive!

congrats to all the HM winners. Especially to JadenKale, who I’m thrilled will be in the next do-over.

and YAY more edgar!

Did anyone else notice that this shirt was release on the same day as Beatrix potters birthday?.. shes the writer of “the tale of peter rabbit”… maybe its just a funny coincidence.

Congrats and kudos to all the HM receivers this go round! All well deserved!

Thanks shirt.woot, great HM’s all around.

Great HMs this time Woot! Two of my favorites even made it!

L O L Thanks Mia!!! I forgot to even check this at midnight (other stuff going on, I simply forgot) I’m psyched to see I got a nod for Xmas

Some of my favorites in here. I loved dsladek’s and toe’s. The rest are also excellent. Great choices this week woot. Congrats all HMs!

dammit! The famine hippo should have made it too.