Derby #52: Emergency!



The Derby #52 Cyberpub. If we’re not chillin’ around here, check over there. All are welcome.

First time here? Want to submit an entry and maybe forgot something? Think you’re good to go? Read these rules for rejection compiled by derekfilley anyway. He’s got some useful stuff in there, including some good resources. Take a look.


Neat theme… I like this much better than pixels. Hopefully I can strike on a strong idea soon, but I don’t think I’ll be as idea-dead as I was in the pixel derby. :slight_smile:


hmmm so many ideas for this one!!! And thank you again woot for incidental text!


woah… wait, what? no big do over?


next week, probably.

In other news, I’m looking forward to some detail work!


Incidental text is a wonderful thing. <3

As for the theme, I may or may not be able to make a design. Still in intensive training at work and gotta get un-sick. :wah:


What was the next guess? Derby 54? I remember Adder posting some awesome number crunching…

goldenseal root and cayenne pepper, right?


Nah, now all I need are these cough drops. And time.

(N- n- now th- that don’t kill me / Can only make me stronger…)




//insert picture of bikini-clad babe


Amen Sister! :slight_smile:
No idea’s for this one yet.


I close my eyes to try to visualize an idea and all I see are pixels. Ah! What has Woot done to me. :slight_smile:


I foresee a lot of red shirts…


Who comes up with these themes?
I saw a thread with suggestions (?)


Question - do people think it’s still too soon to submit that roller coaster death design? It’s been a few weeks since the, uhh, accident, I think.


My favorite derby in a long time! This ought to be good! Yay Joel and Woot!!!


i think the design was good, but to soften up the concept, might have the reaper bummed that an ambulance beat him to the scene. no casualties…

also, preemptive gratz on 3000 posts


That was for the energy derby, wasn’t it? 2 weeks is fairly fresh. ._.


EBW pumps up your postage. :slight_smile:

Since the cars are still up on the track, nobody has been hurt yet. :tongue:

News moves on fairly quickly though, doesn’t it?