Derby #53: Double-Take Derby #2

Good luck to everyone who got nominated. I hope you all do well.

I was hoping this would come up soon. Looking forward to it!

I’m very interested in those “other arrangements.” With so many great entries having received HMs, I don’t think I’ll make it in this derby otherwise. :tongue:

thanks guys I’m glad you gave up the next derby for us people that have little time for artworking up a worthy design… starting tonight on western…

where is the list of nominations?

Every Monday at midnight, they were listed in the blog. So you can search the blog back through the weeks for the HM’s. The rest before #39 were just emailed. We’ll see them tomorrow at noon.

I don’t think we’ll see all the designs until the derby opens. For the more recent derbies, the ones that received Honourable Mentions will almost definitely be part of the double-take. There will be others from weeks previous and those will be a complete surprise. There might also be some designs from HM weeks, though I don’t think there will be many, if any at all.

Good luck everyone! I’m excited to see and remember all the old ones that were missed.

C’mon tgentry’s Prospector! I’ve been wanting that shirt since the Quitter derby.

ha ha well, if that doesn’t make the double-take it WAS the first one I thought of for the next theme “the old west”

Hoorah! Another chance for wooters to get it wrong!!!

Really, the best part about this is gonna be the “other arrangements”, but it’ll still be fun to see what all they pick for the earlier derbies.

editor picks?
That’s how I got tgentry’s Eating Healthy shirt last time.

Yeah I thought the same thing, but then I’d have to change it somehow, and I don’t want to do that. It’s Do-Over or bust for the prospector. I just hope having an upcoming old west derby doesn’t sour people on voting for a western themed entry this week.

The prospector is also the only entry I’m going to promote of mine (assuming it’s in)… Since this is usually the place where we promote early entries I’m going to be highly presumptuous and post it…

Of course I’m just asking for it not to appear in the redo aren’t I? :slight_smile:

Oh thank god, I needed a break.

If it doesn’t appear in the redo, maybe you could add some colour to the line art? I know you said you don’t want to change it, but colouring is always an option.

Prospector is definitely great, and hopefully will find itself in the do-over… I, like sokowa, picked up Eating Healthy last time, because it rocks, and I can’t say I’d mind seeing another TGent print during this one, even if it’s another editor’s choice.

What I’m REALLY hoping for, tho, is for Edgar’s Neptune or Robot Loves His Master to make an editor’s choice. Or better yet, just place naturally. Edgar had some really phenomenal pieces over the last half-year, and I’d love to see one on my body.

yay! cant wait!

Can’t wait to see what the choices are tomorrow. I have the pixel paintbrushes. … (stop laughing!!!) It’s a horse in the running…even if it’s a bit l.ame. :slight_smile:

Good luck (in advance) to all the do-over nominees. It’ll be fun to see what’s selected…and then read all the complaints about which ones STILL didn’t get selected. :slight_smile:

Enjoy the time off designers!

Yes yes yes yes!!! Somehow we need another Edgar, be it through the do-over or editor’s pick after that.