Derby #54 Cyberpub: Maybe I'm a Lion

Say whatever, right? Just remember, friendly derby discussion is always welcome. :slight_smile:

Fox Mulder: Scully? Why would he say that? “Don’t give up.” Why would he say such a thing to you?
Dana Scully: I think that was clearly meant for you, Mulder.
Fox Mulder: He didn’t say it to me. He said it to you. If Father Joe were the devil, why would he say the opposite of what the devil might say? Maybe that’s the answer, the larger answer. Don’t give up.

Dana Scully: What are you doing?
Fox Mulder: Trying to ignore you.

(from The X Files: I Want to Believe on

This pub is two minutes early!

X Files isn’t on my to-see list. I’ve never been into the series, and I still have Wanted and Mummy 3 to watch. Are other people excited for X Files though?

I’m a ThunderPanda!

…I’m in Japan. I picked a movie off of the imdb top box office list.

Just wondering who here is an X Files fan.

I’m Canadian. I guess that counts as being a foreigner?

I don’t… that might be too many Western shirts in a small time frame.

Also, there’s a fire about a kilometer away from my apartment. I’m interested, so I posted early. Deal. :tongue:

uh… isn’t that the only way you’re a foreigner?

Hope it isn’t anything too serious. Also, early is good, early is good!

So I think I’m going to go get something to eat and then try to work on an Old West entry. I still don’t have anything.

if they pick them for Monday and Tuesday, that leaves WThF, three whole days of non-Western wear!

if they were worried about too many shirts of a given theme, they shouldn’t have gone to the three-winner format.

On a side note, a friend of mine took me to a bar today. It was a very special bar…on the 25th floor of the Metropolitan Hotel in Tokyo. We sat by the window sipping nice drinks and enjoying a fantastic view of sprawling Tokyo. Since he invited me, he paid. Good thing… drinks were kind of pricey, heh.

EDIT: I did snap a few photos, which I will upload eventually. The best one was probably from the bathroom. It was an AWESOME view.

is everything pricey in japan?

it occurs to me that if i enter my cartoon into the derby it might get rejected. the broccoli is wearing a cowboy hat and has a horse (which i hope will be recognizable as such), but otherwise is not really tied to “the old west.” he could be a modern cowboy from new zealand (i assume they have cowboys…?)

just worrying needlessly, i suppose.


Somebody in the other thread said something about slapping a cowboy hat on it and make it fit the theme. I hope there’s not a lot of that going on.

By the way, if you’re wondering about cowboys in Oceania, watch The Proposition. Awesome movie.

My husband was excited. We saw it last weekend instead of seeing Dark Knight like I wanted to.

We’re going to see Dark Knight this weekend, though. :stuck_out_tongue:

I would vote for it.

Other subject…what happened to Edgar? Is he still around?

sigh… just looked at the main Derby thread. lotta good stuff. my cartoon would be lucky to get more than a handful of votes.

Maybe Schrobbsicle should give you that third ball so that you can quit fretting and JFDI.

Yes. BTW, what are you guys doing up there?

That’d be a handful more than you’d get if you didn’t submit at all!