Derby #54: The Old West, Coming August 1


Quality posts:[list][*] (11:59 AM) superspryte gives us, her usual spiel[/list]

Thank you for giving us a derby to work on in the meantime! please mention what the rules are regarding text, please.

Ooh, early announcement of the theme. Sounds good. :slight_smile:

Hopefully I can think of something interesting between now and next Friday. I’m at a blank right now, but that usually happens to me…

Retroquote for the new Cyberpub:

This should be an interesting derby and hopefully with a bundle of great designs since there is more time.

I am very thankful that we have derby #54 details.

I foresee a lot of brown and cream shirts…

Thanks for letting us know the next theme… it was going to be one boring week otherwise.

Sweet! This could be a good one especially with the extra time.

YEEESSS… good theme and a week to work on it.

I recall reading about much sadness over the near-miss of your prospector entry. Will we get to see it again?

Awesome! Woot should make this the standard… to always announce the theme a week ahead… that way I don’t have to regret staying up all night Thurs while trying to stay up at work on Friday! This theme is lots of fun, considering such heavy political themes lately, like energy, emergency and such… bring on the thousand cowboys! w00t!!!

I think that was nominated for this week’s do over derby??

Great theme, but the rejector is gonna have his/her hands full with that “mud and whiskey” part.

that’s also why I asked about text. XXX on a bottle shouldn’t get axed

having no text will eliminate the “wanted poster” flood i see happening if they do allow it.

Cool. I was just thinking to myself, “what will I do with my spare time this weekend?” Y’know since I won’t have one in the 2nd chance derby, I probably won’t check the website nearly as much…and since all the submissions will be in on Friday, there won’t be any reason to check it after I vote…

Looking forward to the western theme.

Yeah that one is my favorite of all the designs I’ve done and really the only one I was sad to see not print. I’m hoping to see it in the redo derby. It will be the only entry of mine that I will be actively promoting. If it doesn’t get printed in the redo derby, I think that’s the end of it as far as woot goes. I don’t want to change anything on it to make it eligible for this derby. Luckily I find this theme very inspiring and already had several ideas that would fall under this category.

Do we get incidental text? That could help a lot!

Incidental text would be nice, though hopefully that rule would be enforced more consistently than it was just recently. :tongue:

The do-over won’t have any rejections either.