Derby #54: The Old West, Coming August 1

consistency from woot… what a novel concept. :stuck_out_tongue:

I beleive there should be a max letter/number allowed.

So, since text isn’t mentioned, does that mean that it is allowed until woot says otherwise?

I’m excited for the Do-Over derby!

Thanks for announcing the other theme early too. Gives us something to ‘tinker’ with during the week. :slight_smile:

personally i think it’s safer to assume no text until anything is said for certain.

Oh, yay! So I will be able to work on a submission this week…Hmmm…this sounds like a really interesting theme. I don’t think it’ll turn out as well as “Emergency” did, but we should be in for some pretty cool entries, especially with the extra week and all.

I think this one will garner even better entries than the previous derby. The theme is specific, but encompasses a large range of possibilities. Also, there’s a lot of time to work on details, so I think we will see even better entries than usual from some of our more talented artists. I can’t wait!

Yes, the Stop Sign Rule is in effect. I’ll add it to the original post.

Hear, hear! No hope for me this week either. Probably for the better, though. My daughter turns 4 on Sunday and I’ve got family coming to town tomorrow. So, maybe I should clean my house…meh

It’d be nice if ANY rule was enforced after this last week

It’ll be cool to see what everyone comes with after having a whole week to work on designs. :slight_smile:

Just remember, incidental text means full on comic strip dialogue if necessary…as this week proved

And Farside did dozens and dozens of western comics. BEWARE! :stuck_out_tongue:
(sorry, I know the drama is getting old for some . .but the point is true)

also, be careful showing any alcohol/whiskey/bottles/etc

Yee-HAH! Actually, this will probably be the first derby in a long time that I won’t be submitting for, since I will be prepping for a big work trip, and won’t have time for designs, pimping designs, or voting for designs. Sigh.

But I expect a lot of guns, stagecoaches, and perhaps a zombie in a 6-gallon hat.

Shh!! Don’t be giving people crazy ideas like that!

As I recall the last one actually did have several rejections. How or why I don’t remember.

So I wonder how many Oregon trail shirts will grace us on the Old West derby. =/

some people sold their own shirts after the derbies (selling just 1 or 2 counts)

–I believe

Artulo’s slogan shirt was rejected, but still received an HM. It will likely be rejected again since it is woot-related, but we’ll see.

In the derby or on your trip?