Derby #54 (The Old West): Honorable Mentions


Some great choices here. I think rglee’s brawl design will do some major damage in the next double-take derby. :slight_smile:

good choices, but where are mitohapa’s cactus horses?

Come on, where is the gernade weilding cowboy, that shirt was way better than any of the contenders or these pretenders. What a joke

Congrats rglee - love it since i first saw it.

This is true. Fingers crossed that they appear three months from now, even without the HM.

Sadly my Style Up is missing as well as Ian’s Banjos. Look for them elsewhere in the future.

Everyone remember to vote up, Pass the Donner, Please - next time =D

Hey thanks!

I love all of these, although I would have to say Pass the Donner still gets my vote.

I think I would buy an actual print (not t-shirt) of Night Ride.

my picks are dekonstruct and rglee–would love both big time! lookin’ forward to more do-overs!!! : )

thanks wootiecutey, ehalcyon, and narkus for the kind words, and thanks woot for the nod and the new derby do-over set-up!

I loved dekon’s, but hadn’t seen the brawl one, rglee - vacations without internet suck sometimes.

congrats to the hm folks!

I started that derby thinking I’d get rejected, I guess I underestimated the pull a well placed stem would have :slight_smile:

Ijust don’t get the derbys anymore. Oh well, glad to be considered amongst these very fine designs.

Thanks for the HM woot! And congrats to everyone on this list. It’s very good company

Agree. These are great choices but it would have been nice to see the cactus horses too - can’t they do more HM’s since the do over derby will be every three months instead of every six?

Well no HM for Mitohapa but how about an Overlooked Award?:

With more frequent Do-Overs, I think the HMs are going to be pretty much it for what is included – if you don’t see it here, you won’t see it there.

I disagree. In the most recent double take derby, Edgar’s Alphabet entry made it in even though it hadn’t received an HM. I know there were other designs as well that didn’t receive an HM in a post-HM derby and still reappeared.

Since Joel mentioned that he doesn’t plan on awarding more HMs, I think there’s a chance that we’ll see more non-HM do-over entries. Without those there would be far, far fewer entries than usual.

Would definitely buy Mitohapa’s cactus horses if it appears in the future. I hope it’s in the double-take.

she didn’t get an HM for her first flight in the independence derby either and that got included in the last do over… Hopefully it’ll happen again.