Derby #55b: Derbylympics, 2nd Event - Oxymorons

Oh geez.

Also, can we get a little more of a description? I’m slightly… Well, let’s hope it’s just that it’s 2am and I’m tired.

love it - thinking…

Wow, tough theme.


Um, can I do whatever I want then?!?!

whoa. this is gonna be a GREAT derby…uhhh…mini-derby…love the theme.

That’s all the explaination of theme there is? Oxymorons? No color restriction? No info about text?

I’m confused. Where are the specific rules for this event?

The living dead… i predict zombies! :slight_smile:

Rules? We don’ need no steenking rules… :slight_smile:

The first thing that came to my mind would be playboy with Braille. Not sure how to make that a shirt woot would print. Nor would it be that interesting…

Can I just ignore the “oxy-” part?

Yeah… what the h-e-7-7 is going on here? Still black on white or white on black, but specifically dealing with oxymorons? C’mon woot! Explain?

I don’t think they need to be black and white.

Sorry about that. The specific rules should be up shortly. Till then, you’ve got the full 6 colors to work with, all regular derby rules apply, and only incidental text is allowed.

Looking at the rule page for the derby olympics they said this:

“The use of performance-enhancing substances is permitted. Beyond that, each event may or may not have its own rules.”

So I’m guessing, no rules…

Thanks Dave. Does this mean you are also going to be fixing the Voting Rules currently up there?

fine, guess I should have waited before posting.

I’m in the fog and the hotness!