Derby #56 (Your Favorite Element): Honorable Mentions


Thank You !!
Shiva simply rocks !! I hope to see this on a shirt one day!

All great choices… Congrats to all the HMs!

Thanks again Woot! You even cut me slack for getting the color of plutonium wrong. :slight_smile:

Title is incorrect. This is actually derby #56, not #66.

Some nice ones there…

Definitely some of the most solid HMs in a while

Just hope the real derby 66 is as good :wink:

WOW! Wasn’t expecting an HM! Totally shocked! Thank you Woot! The elements derby was a great derby and I LOVED so many of the designs. Happy to see that several of my favorites earned HMs.

I agree, but I think JadenKale’s Mad Hatter got gipped. It was both a clever use of an element and very wearable. Sorry, J. :frowning:

I love tgentry’s Shiva design, but is there any way we can change the title to “Now I am become Death, destroyer of wardrobes”?

And where is the mention for “Helium: Loves Shelium”? That was one of the best shirts I’ve ever seen.

Sad but true.
Congrats to all the HM designers!

Congrats! All great HMs!!!

Oh there they are. I was wondering if there was going to be HMs this week. Here’s a couple that Woot missed – the Derby 56 Overlooked Awards:

Absolutely! There is lots of good work being done in the derbies, but the Mad Hatter design was absolutely the best design I’ve seen in months.

Who knew that anything could short their smartass circuits??? Nice job, KLS!

And so happy to see the balloon animals!! That was one of my favorites :slight_smile:

Thanks Molli! I laughed too when I saw their comment on the Midas design. :slight_smile:

I agree about Jaden’s design too. I think it would have done great in the do-over derby. I think she’ll have great success with that design regardless of where it prints. She’ll let us know in 60 days.

Thanks for the support you three (and everyone else that wanted to really see it print or even get an HM) I think I’m going to try and see if there’s someplace that could make the mercury stand out on top (make it silver) and I may rework the eyes a little so it looks more sadistic. I’ll let you know where it ends up in 60 days.

Aaaas usual, I notice these things late. Surprised, but pleasantly so. Thanks so much for the HM, woot!

I’m glad zewkin got a nod. The balloon animals was one of my favourite designs of the derby.

While I don’t disagree with you, I pretty much expect good and great work to be left out of the HMs weekly (often for “meh” items). That woot managed such a strong set of HMs this week is worth being excited for, even if there are some items I’d have preferred to see included.

good picks, woot