Derby #56: Your Favorite Element

Carbon 14 is still carbon. Isotopes are fair game, I would say.

Here’s some musical inspiration if anyone needs it. Also doubles as a refresher course on the periodic table.

Here is my first idea. Neon is used in signs, and high voltage indicators - so I made a sign warning about high voltage to tie it in. Neon naturally glows reddish.

Wow, that really does look like it’s glowing. Neat.

I think the rules are pretty clear on this one. “One element and only one element.” The point of the derby is to see how you can design a shirt that focuses on one element. I’m sure you can interact that element with other nonelemental things to make your design unique - I think that’s what it means by focus.

Wow! I must be quite the nerd because this sounds really exciting and I love science!

My prediction is a lot of spheres with cutesy smiley faces. Also at least one sphere with Einsteins hair and face on it.

Shhhhh!!! Don’t reveal what you plan on doing!!!

Hahah, those are freebies. I’ll keep thinking…

It’s probably not a good sign that I also assumed this is what many people would do…

So I am not a designer, nor do I have the time, but I think a play on being a good Sm (samarium) would be funny (but is that incidental?). Really, I am chemist, so anything with an element on it is great. Even a nice design with the elemental information for Co would be great (white lettering on blue). Or something no one would get, like ‘Ar smells’ or corny, like ‘Pirates love Ar’. Or, to totally dork it up, have 238U (you have to superscript the isotope before the abbreviation) leading all of its children along, which would be all the isotopes in the decay chain down to 206Pb ( Pretty worthless comment, I know.

I also anticipate this.

wow, great ideas. keep ‘em comin’.

I’m no good at actually desgning but I thought of a couple things, if anyone wants to use them.

Dubnium (105) could be given a cowboy hat, among various other things relating to our current president. The Indium 500 with a bunch of racing atoms. Argon being a pirate. Also a some various metals (I had a girder and some tin foil) standing around a puddle of Mercury.

not worthless at all. i doubt many of us know anything about elements beyond the basics. i’ve been scouring wiki for inspiration and i think i have a good idea, but this is some great stuff. thanks!

I wonder if you can safely use the atomic symbol as a prominent part of your design.

I wouldn’t. I think that would be “prominent text” not incidental.

New here, with a question - so would the focus of this design be too much on the Egyptian theme, and not enough on the fact that it’ll be done as neon? Working title, Neon: The Sun God Ra



Gold is great for an Egyptian theme. Hope we can find out soon. :slight_smile:

mine’s also egyptian, at least partially.