Derby #57 (Dessert): Honorable Mentions


Some nice finds here, woot… I swear, I didn’t even notice half of them

Grats on the HMs… ah… a violation of the derby rules once again graces the HM list of nods. So tell me woot, when you put it up for submissions that week, will you be making a new detail for it, or will he? Because I’m sure by that time we’ll want to know RED? or GREEN?

haha! Have there been other HMs that were also violations of the derby rules? I hadn’t noticed…except for this chocoholic one. Well…I think Edgar got an HM for his Buffalo Wings which wasn’t an oxymoron, right?

Guess once the actual derby is over, it doesn’t really matter. The do-over derby has rejected designs as well, doesn’t it?

Great choices this week Woot. I loved TG’s search for caramel. It’ll be nice to see that one in the do-over derby.

Awesomeness! What’d I tell ya, Chris?!? It gladdens my heart to see you get a nod with an HM.

Totally missed Big Wheel and Cold Shoulder, but agree that they are well deserving of some love.

kudos to the HMs, well done!

No Sundae Best???


Scandalous! :stuck_out_tongue:

There have been other HMs awarded for rejected entries. I think what makes this instance unique is that it goes against some of the most basic everyderby rules… there’s a print-area concern as well as two shirt-color options. Which, whatever, the artist is new to the site, and used to entering at sites where such things aren’t big issues (I know I’ve seen his name at DBH and Teefury, probably at Threadless also)… it could have been prevented by reading the rules, or better yet, by Woot having a better, more complete, and more accessible set of rules, instead of having to rely on their woefully incomplete FAQs and Derek’s ever changing and ever-contradicted-by-action attempt to make up for their shortcomings. But the issue is that this states that what woot says doesn’t really reflect on what they’ll end up doing. It’s really worrisome that woot is exhibiting so little concern for their own rules. Doubly so that what few people that pick up on it seem to be more concerned about twisting those loopholes than being concerned with the quality of the derby.

I didn’t even notice the two shirt colors on the comp as I had only seen the entry via the thumbnail above. That’s pretty bad…and certainly misleading to the voters. Hopefully, the artist will submit another comp for the do-over derby.

I agree that HMs should be awarded to derby entries that follow the rules. I don’t mind seeing rejected entries in the do-over derby…I just don’t think they should be rewarded with an ‘honorable’ mention.

The first step has been made. I hope your prediction comes true! :slight_smile:

Nowl, see, I was wondering about this whole HM thing. My guess is that the do-over derby contenders will be the shirts that got HMs. Woot said this, in the first HM post after the derbylimpics:

"Fortunately it won’t be four years before you get your next shot in our quarterly Double-Take Derby. "

I mean, logistically it makes total sense. This way they don’t have to go through all the past derby entries to find do-over contenders. They just add to the ongoing list each week…

Thoughts? Clarifying points? Something I missed?

VonMonkey, you got robbed!!!

The way I understand it, the set of shirts given an HM is EXACTLY the same as the shirts we’ll be seeing in the Double-Take. This is the easiest way for Woot – they figure out at the time of the derby, which ones they like and just set them aside until later. The only reason they have not made it more clear is to give themselves some “wiggle” or “oops” room.

p.s. and here’s the Overlooked Awards:

I believe that all designs that receive an HM will appear in the double-take derby UNLESS the artist opts out or has already done something else with the design. However, double-take derbies aren’t limited to only designs that received HM’s; in the most recent double-take derby, designs appeared that did not receive an HM (I’m not counting weeks before HMs began).

i think these were very rare instances, however. I wouldn’t put any confidence in seeing any entries in the next do-over that haven’t been given an HM, even though there have definitely been entries that gained a spot in the last derby without getting an HM in their respective derbies… there may be a few, but I would not put faith in it happening with one’s favorite entry

i’ll make shure to read the rules next time…felling stupid right now :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks Woot for HM nod on my Big Wheel shirt!

no doubt!!!

No blame on you, math… the derby needs designers like you to stick around, and I’m sure I’m not the only one excited to see more! It’s just an odd move from woot… I’m sure you agree as a seasoned designer, one of the best ways to keep a contest strong is to moderate it fairly and consistently. I’m certain we’ll be seeing you in the next do over one way or another if you keep submitting :wink: