Derby #57: Dessert

Sounds delicious! I can’t wait =) Maybe I’ll pull candy country back out :wink:

Fun - i’m really happy with this theme.

mmmmmm …sweet!!! :slight_smile:

My thoughts exactly!!!

Mmm pie.

This should be an interesting derby. I was actually thinking about something the other day, and I’ve got a good twist to make it fit this theme… and be delightfully ridiculous.

This’ll be a tasty derby. :slight_smile: (We can go on and on…)

So, Jaden…what happened with today’s derby results? I know you followed them closely. It was too gorgeous today to work inside, so I’ve been painting outside today. Can we look forward to a 2nd place and 3rd place tie, perhaps?

Hope you get an HM for your mad hatter. It was very clever and so crisp. Told a whole story with just a few shapes and lines. So far, my favorite of all your entries.

Hey Fable…check your PM.

Funny, I started planning a design the other day that would fit this theme, too, but I wanted to use text… Hmm… what to do…

Mmm a little sweetness after that last nail biter… I’m full on my nails now tho…

I’m a fan of dessert.

ought oh…hehehe…whats a dessert?

I’m an XXL kind a guy. Dessert shirts advertise the obvious, so I don’t know about this one. :slight_smile:

I agree with everyone. This will be a fun and enjoyable theme. I haven’t submitted in a few weeks but I’ll take a stab at this one. (With a pen, not a fork).

GO TAYLOR!!! This derby’s for you!

Okay…going to stay out of the forums until tomorrow morning. Don’t like knowing what folks are going to do. I like the surprise of seeing them first thing in the morning.

Good luck everybody!

I watched because we’re getting cruddy weather.

Here’s the jist of what I noticed. Uploads for those 3 pieces went: Uhuhuhuhuh’s, TGentry’s and finally Patch’s. Based on how they all were getting votes, I’d say that it is wholly possible that Patch ended up in 3rd on his own based on logic. Say you have 3 entries all at 3 votes (numbers in front denote the order in which they were uploaded):

  1. 3 votes
  2. 3 votes
  3. 3 votes

if #2 gets a vote, this is how the order tier becomes:

  1. 4 votes
  2. 3 votes
  3. 3 votes

But at the last second it looks like Patch received a vote. If that were true, and based on this logic above, Patch would be #3 and would be as follows (on a level of 3 votes if they were all even at one point):

  1. 4 votes
  2. 3 votes
  3. 3 votes

However, it is also possible, that he did NOT receive a vote, and instead someone was, for one reason or another, removing a vote from TGentry. Based on the above, if TGentry were #2, the votes would look as follows:

  1. 3 votes
  2. 3 votes
  3. 2 votes

I don’t see this being the case, however, since Patch and TGentry had the same amount of votes the very last time I had refreshed. I think he has received an extra vote.

My hope is, that no one was spiteful and removed a vote. On the other hand, if they did indeed remove a vote, we’ll see a Two-fer on Sunday morning.


That logic not withstanding, I appreciate your love for my Hatter. He did very well and I’m rather proud of him.

what program does most people use to make shirts? I have never tried it but have a good idea for this.

I have had an idea for a dessert derby for weeks… now I actually have to do it. :slight_smile:

…broccoli with powdered sugar?

…no, i don’t think so, either.