Derby #58: Work

Work!? I’m sick of work. Time to forget work and start brainstorming work… the theme.

Oh man, looks like I’ll need to remember what it was like to go to work every day… Oh I’m annoyed already…

Good development? Looking forward to see what comes up.

As for the theme, this should be a hilarious one. No ideas right off the top of my head, but since this will be the last derby where I won’t have to worry about homework, I’ll make an extra effort to come up with something…

Oooooh this will be interesting… so how many do you figure will have slogans and NOT get bounced?

I wanted to make all the derby participants aware of a new website I have been working on. It is a fully searchable t-shirt trading site with images, sizes, details, etc. I hope it can be of use to everyone. Click to visit the website.

Feel free to use my banner graphic and link it to your shirt catalog, as well.

Thanks and happy trading.


now how many designers will design a work themed shirt while at work? be honest!

/yeah, me too.

every one that woot thinks will be a good seller.

Office Space references?? anyone else thinking people are going to fall back on it?


Uh… yeah… made that mistake months ago and woot got blocked for 3-4 months… just got it unblocked… not gonna make that mistake again.

I would if I didn’t think installing photoshop on this crappy laptop would make it even slower.

I’m going to have to think of someone else’s work. my job is dull in reality and I imagine it would make for an even duller shirt.

That and three dozen Dilbert clones. Hopefully people will stretch their imaginations a little.


that’s why you sketch on the side after you get a print out of the new theme so you aren’t checking the site every 2 mins

oh that and I foresee some farside like entries too for some reason.

I have a farside frame of mind…

Because there are always farside entries, whether the artists realize it or not. :tongue:

It’s ok Chris… we like you though.