Derby #59 (At The Luau): Honorable Mentions


Congrats to the HMs, but I think some really great stuff was passed over.

And here’s the Overlooked Awards…

Aww, when we make those references things get rejected. No fair. Still, I totally agree that one deserved an HM. ^_~

Great choices again this week woot staffers!

Man…this is going to be a great do-over derby…but soooooo incredibly competitive judging by the recent HMs. Ah!! Going to be tough!

Congratulations to all the HMs this week. Wonderful work!

thanks woot! and congrats to my fellow nominees!

I know you’re obligated to say so as a business, woot, but “high points”? The worst of these is better than all three that printed combined.

absolutely. I loved Edgar’s :slight_smile:

But what about Slushed?!!! The funniest shirt ever!

Great choices this week. Congrats to all the HMs. Well-deserved.

Gotta agree, was not impressed with the top 3. The pig should have won. The first place was just flowers and had nothing really to do with luau! Someone needs a Luau check done on them period! Here is to printing the ones that people really wanted.

No, first place was the fire dancer. Third place was the flowers.

Congratulations to all of the HM winners.

Yeah, I was really rooting for the Midnight Luau one. That one was nice. The winners were pretty disappointing, really.

I’m very happy with the selections here, except as mentioned “slushed”, which I thought was really funny as well. Edgar was funny, though I think artistically the luau angel and David’s were the best technically.