Derby #59: At The Luau

The Derby #59 Cyberpub. If we’re not chillin’ around here, check over there. All are welcome.

First time here? Want to submit an entry and maybe forgot something? Think you’re good to go? Read these **rules for rejection ** compiled by derekfilley anyway.You should also look at this help thread by tgentry.

This derby has a NO TEXT rule. That means absolutely none, not even numbers on a clock face. That includes any symbols you’ll find on a computer keyboard as well as foreign scripts (no Asian text). And before you think about being tricky, the infinity sign is text. The point is the DRAW A PICTURE. :slight_smile:

Nice! Sounds great! I know what I’m doing.

Brilliant! Ugh now what to do!


“anthropological”…Nice. :slight_smile:

I am SOOO on this!

Great theme!

Aloha tikis!

I need an awesome Tiki god/Pigmy type shirt…

I hope to see a lot…

Tiki, the style I know the least about… this should be interesting.

Yeah I’ve gotten good at drawing tikis… not that far off from my totem pole during Canada week

So like all the fake-cowboy-style shirts in the Western derby, how many fake-hawaiian shirts are we going to see this week?

I’m predicting a buttload of hibiscus flowers and palm trees and anthropomorphized dolphins and hula girls and cutesy girly rubbish this time around. [sigh]

This one sounds like it’ll be fun!

yeah, you should probably just not look.

i agree :slight_smile:

You do appear to be obsessed with “girly” designs. Maybe you should try getting one to prove your point. ^_~

Would love a great hibiscus shirt!! :slight_smile: Maybe with a KLS spin or Mitohapa spin!

This is amusing to me. My coworker in the cube next to me is on vacation in Hawaii and before she left she went to the party store and decked out her cube in various tropical themes. Even went so far as to turn festive napkins in wallpaper.

Woohoo, tikis! :smiley:
I’m psyched to see all the entries. Good luck artists. :slight_smile: