Derby #60 (Autumn): Honorable Mentions


I’m going to say it because I was appalled in the first place when I saw it in the derby and never got rejected. Woot, why did you nominate a shirt with the world trade towers and unprintable sketch smudges?? W T H?

Fable, Rglee, armeleia, and Arnion … grats on your HMs

I’d like to second this reaction. Mcphailn’s entry does not look like autumn, but winter, is yet another bird/tree shirt, AND has the twin towers in the background. That’s just bad form all around, but the last detail is enraging. This shirt should not have even made it through the Autumn derby, let alone get another chance in the Do-Over. Hmph.

And here’s a couple they missed – the Derby 60 Overlooked Awards:

While I agree that it isn’t a fall looking shirt, I see nothing wrong with the twin towers being in the background. Why should that be taboo now? I mean I guess if you do it to draw attention or something like that… But I don’t know…

Anyways, Bird Brained would have been a nice print. I liked the colors and the drawing in general on that one. Very nice.

Thanks for the HM! =)

Congrats on the HM, mcphailn.

I actually agree with jakey here. Tacky, sure, pointless, yes, but the offense to me is the shirt has ZERO to do with fall.

Toupee is just so creepy and I still love it!

You know Fall runs for three months? Yep, that’s right, Alllll the way to Dec. 21st. That tree certainly looks like December in New York.