Derby #60: Autumn

The Derby #60 Cyberpub. If we’re not chillin’ around here, check over there. All are welcome.

First time here? Want to submit an entry and maybe forgot something? Think you’re good to go? Read these **rules for rejection ** compiled by derekfilley anyway.You should also look at this help thread by tgentry.

This derby has a NO TEXT rule. That means absolutely none, not even numbers on a clock face. That includes any symbols you’ll find on a computer keyboard as well as foreign scripts (no Asian text). And before you think about being tricky, the infinity sign is text. The point is the DRAW A PICTURE. :slight_smile:

Perfect for those who fog and then Fall.

Interesting. Earlier than I thought so I have to speed up my work on a design I was toying with

trees are bad, mmmmkay? thanks for the no resub rule, though.

I don’t foresee this going well. I’m sick of trees already.

Awesome! I love fall.

Also, I think it is great that they included the link for last years fall Derby to help people avoid often repeated designs…or at least, I hope it will help designs avoid the same old designs.

You should be more positive like me. YAY TREEZ!

Then draw corn and corn stalks. :wink:

these people don’t think trees are bad:

Trees!!! Leaves!!! YES!!!

I agree. I love trees. All trees. However, I will probably stay away from them this derby. Or, will I? :slight_smile:

But trees do soooo well in derbies

So, WootGods, does this mean you’ll also be rejecting the same IDEA as a previous shirt? IE- if someone did a pile of oak leaves, a pile of maple leaves from the same person is rejectable? I hope so…

I wasn’t here this time last year, so I’m looking forward to autumn-themed shirts. Don’t know if I can get anything in until Sunday or Monday due to other commitments, but I may just try my hand at something tonight. Predicting a lot of navy, brown and orange shirt colors.

BTW- If any of you are near Penn Treaty Park in Philadelphia this weekend, there’s a music/art festival celebrating the waterfront. I’ll be one of the vendors along with a photographer friend of mine. I created a few posters out of my past Woot designs…so if you see one of those, you’ll know it’s out booth. :slight_smile:

Happy Autumn!

Ahahahahaha, thanks for posting! I need to watch that again for a good laugh.


Yeah, I love trees, and birds, and turtles A LOT! As long as the designs are well done! I’ve only bought one tree/bird design tho. :slight_smile:

I’m not thinking about either one for this derby… mine will probably have leaves somewhere…i love fall colors! It’s my favorite season! Nice cool weather, not too cold, not too hot, beautiful landscape… no bugs. :smiley:

Yay for the one-year anniversary of the first derby I ever entered…or something like that. Summer into Fall was my first derby. My design was…awful…

Reposting this question here to get answers.

Ummmm…So, I had never meandered over into this thread, but I see now that It was a tragic mistake!

But seriously, I need to get this out of my head before I forget. I have a bit of a dilemma on my hands, and I want to know if anyone shares this problem.

As an artist, I feel like I am at a level where there are not many things that I could not do. Part of this is because I have a lot of experience doing art, and also I love to try new things that I’ve never done before. So, you might be saying to yourself, “Self, this is not much of a problem. This guy sounds like an WAFFLES! TASTY WAFFLES!!”

But wait, hold the phone. I feel like I can do anything and everything artistically, although often times everything and anything is not worth doing. So here’s an OXYMORON for you - My artistic freedom is hindering me.

In my brainstorming sessions, everything sounds really good to me. But, allow me to quote one of my former art teachers. She said,

“If you cover a ball of grease with chocolate, all you get is a chocolate covered grease ball. But if you start with something really sweet and delicious, and then you cover it in chocolate, well that’s something great.”

So, to make a long story short, like my former teacher says, my problem is in coming up with a unique concept that’s worth taking to completion as a design, because there is no point in spending time on making a fundamentally BAD concept look good.

Where’s the question? Just kidding. Just being a smarty pants. I hear ya…except I don’t think I’m as fantastic as you think you are. But, the part about a bad concept vs. good concept–I get. Actually, I think the question is more good concept vs. winning woot concept. Of course, just my opinion.