Derby #61 Cyberpub: Groggy much?


Say anything, right? Just be nice about it! As always, friendly derby discussion is welcome too. :slight_smile:

I fells asleep while waiting for 2am…no write-up…


Derby #61: Movie Titles Re-Interpreted

Our Lyrics Illustrated Derby was such a creative (and, we’ll admit, commercial) success that we’re doing what any music-industry success would do: taking our act to the movies. Design a shirt that illustrates, re-interprets, or takes literally a movie title without using any distinctive visual elements from the movie in question. In other words, your “Star Wars” shirt can show two stars fighting, but not with light sabers. Your “Iron Man” shirt can show a dude ironing his shirt, but not his metal combat suit. That sort of thing.

**Title your entry “Inspired by” followed by the movie title you’re illustrating, the same way you did in the Lyrics Illustrated Derby.

Incidental text is allowed.**


Sleep? What is that?


I’m gonna do “Million dollar baby” definitely

Also thinking how to make a G version of “Debbie Does Dallas” or “Deep Throat”. Why? Just cuz…





Well, if I did it any other way, It’d be SOOOOO instantly rejected with prejudice, like my Erectile Dysfunction shirt during the text derby.


i have a suspicion it might get rj’d anyway.



die hard.




I hate to do this on white, but it kind of needs it for the parody. Any color suggestions? I feel it needs more detail but I don’t know where to start. Any help is mucho appreciated.


How about “no1 flew over the cuckoo’s nest?”


If you made the steps white, and the shirt some other color, the white bill and ninja would still stand out. That way, you could use a blue shirt color and still have it recognizable.


tries to stop laughing long enough to answer…

Yellow would be appropriate for the movie, but you’d get a lot of complainers. >.<

I could see it looking good on royal blue…and you could use the shirt as the blue on the bill’s pin.


Thank you both. That’s a wonderful idea. I’m working on it now and it’s looking MUCH better.

Updated with blue background and white fill.

I wanted the white to be kind of abstract and have a sloppy feel. I’m not sure if I’m entirely happy with the fill. Should I try to roughen it up or maybe scribble it in instead?


Hmm…it does need something 'cause it kinda looks like a mistake right now. Scribble might look good…


that was a good one.


Here’s a free idea since I know I don’t have the chops to pull it of: China Town. A nice cityscape made completely out of glistening China. Maybe even the blue ornate outlines to set it off. Incidental text may even cover a “Welcome to Chinatown” sign at the front of the design.


I call dibs on Pitch Black. XD


“Where Eagles Dare”

-through remaking my Flags of Our Feathers photochop winner.


I posted a pic of my sketch in the derby thread, but do you guys think a snow white and the seven dwarves would be rejected if I actually put seven dwarves on it? even if they were more along the lines of Tolkien dwarves and they weren’t showing emotions like dopey, angry, happy, sleepy etc.?


ha. i just watched that on hulu the other night. seen it years ago but…
now i want to see Chronicles of Riddick again.
watched Eureka BTW. it was very odd. interesting, but odd.

i call dibs on Lion King. i gotta hustle. Woot is the only place where there will be any significant traffic coming through on the weekend, and if i do a really good piece, maybe I can get a few more votes.

good night! :slight_smile: