Derby #61 (Movie Titles Re-Interpreted): Honorable Mentions


Oh yay, I’m SO looking forward to seeing the ESOTSM design in the Double-Take. Can’t wait!

So gonna pull for octopussy, the thing that wouldn’t die… and I’ve gotta say, purple rain was pretty good (only thing I had wished for was more angles to the lightning but it works)

What about the Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon one?

Oh well, can’t wait until the DTD!

Yes, what about it? Woot wasn’t a fan apparently. Well, fellow wooters, it has been a hard fought past couple months, and although I am improving - sorta. The journey has weakened me, and I need to sleep on Thursday night. I think I have got one more derby in me before I give some of the other t shirt contest sites a whack.

One HM wasn’t quite enough for you? There were 448 entries according to SDS. That means probably 400 people didn’t get one HM. And yet you feel robbed and are leaving woot because you received only one?

I am very happy for my first half of an HM, myself.

Wow. I’ve never seen so little overlap between the BLAs and the HMs. It sure makes picking the Overlooked Awards easy:

I guess my taste and Woot’s are veering farther and farther apart.

thanks for another hm woot!!!

Congrats on another HM, loop! You’re going to have a good presence in the next Double-Take Derby! :slight_smile:

David…I loved your Dark Knight. Glad it got an HM!

Thanks for the HM Woot! (And Yankee for the note above.)

Looking forward to the next big do-over. Do we know when it will occur?

So does the regular derby take a break while this one goes on?
What is it?
What do you get if anything?

Thanks for the info…

Im new and dont know what to do!!

The double-take derby takes place of the regular derby. Instead of artists entering designs, Woot uses the HMs. You still get to vote on the shirts…and the top 3 vote-getters are printed and the artists are paid just like any other derby. Also, it’s been tradition that Woot follows up the double-take derby with 4 days of “editor’s picks” dailies…shirts they randomly pick out from the double-take derby and print. :slight_smile:

I’ve never had one, or a best loser. But I hope, every week. :smiley:

Congrats again on the HM, blu; I still want to buy that shirt.
fun link

That sounds great! The excitement never end with woot.

I still want
Inspired by The Thing That Couldn’t Die by tgentry

well, it was kind of more of a sketch than a completed design, I thought.