Derby #62 Cyberpub: Oh, I wish I was a...

Say anything, right? Just be nice about it! As always, friendly derby discussion is welcome too. :slight_smile:

…What? Spryte doesn’t feel like looking up pop culture references? Okay, just look at her cute chinchilla (his name’s Baja, said baha) instead! ^_^;


No wai!

Chinchillas! Ahem…

Up next: Derby #62: Panic!

The banks are failing! The dollar is collapsing! The oil’s running out! Now’s not the time for luxuries like caution and thought - it’s time to PANIC!

Or at least, to design a shirt about panic. You don’t have to deal with the current financial crisis - your subject matter could include any moment of blind, unreasoning, fearful urgency. Maybe your boss just asked for that report you forgot to run. Maybe the water’s rising outside your car window. Maybe your significant other is checking your web-browsing history. Maybe you’re a chicken and your head has just been cut off. (Actually, panic is a pretty reasonable reaction to beheading.) Everybody PANIC!

Prohibited subject matter: Douglas Adams’ “Don’t Panic” bit, and the band Panic! At The Disco.

No text.

Posting from a computer lab on campus - this sounds like a fun theme. It’s a bit close to “Emergency” but I can see differences. I interpreted “Emergency” as a much broader topic. My Famine Hippos design worked for “Emergency” (in my opinion, at least) but I don’t think it would work for Panic. Hopefully we’ll see some different stuff.

I have a stats lab assignment to do today… if I finish early enough I’ll see if I can pull something together for the theme.

Skek - curse you for mentioning rampaging monsters in the main derby thread. I was thinking of drawing my monster from the Green derby. Rampaging. XP

You and everyone else… I actually posted that to dissuade people. I myself am drawing a large pigeon flying over a city doing a “bombing” run :slight_smile:

There’s no rule against panic at the Grand Ole Opry!
Or Panic at the wedding reception!
Or panic at the mosh pit!
Or panic at the picnic!
Or panic whily you’re backpacking!
Or panic at the drive through!

Or panic at the DISCOunt store…

“what do you mean this toilet paper isn’t on sale?!” AAAAAAAHH!!

How about this? Just a quick mockup…

How about this X-Ray? -cause for panic, for sure!
please, please, any suggestions are requested. tell me how I can turn this into a winner!

i dunno, these days anything related to kmart evokes a “meh” from me, rather than panic.

needs more panda.

failing that, possibly line up the xray so that it lines up with the skeleton of the person wearing the shirt.

i could be wrong, but i suspect chestbursters mabe a little more streamlined or snakelike.

Skek - needs throngs of screaming people or something. XP

Joe - That’s a lot of ink. Maybe choose a darker shirt colour and integrate it? The x-ray frame could use some work so it isn’t just a plain rectangle. I’ve also seen a few x-ray shirts in derbies before, so be careful…

What’s the story behind your sig line? Vote for Adder?

no reason. just to add a little confusion.

i was told there would be no math.

that’s not math.
That’s CALCULUS!!!


I was going to request those little “R” and “L” indicators, or a name label, you know, like the metal plates they put there to identify the proper way to look at the X ray, but then I realized the “no text” mandate.

Maybe for fun the guy could also have swallowed a button as well. Now THAT’s reason to panic!

I think I’m going to put in a knife and a spork, maybe a plate.



Dammit, Bones, Where is Mr Spork?