Derby #62 (Panic): Honorable Mentions



Really happy to see ChrisRisse’s bunny included in this group. Congrats to all the other HMs as well.

Seconded on the Risse shirt. Would rather see it print, but maybe next time!

Hare Today is the only must for this list, but I’m still sad not to see Panic at the Pole, El Matador, or Little Guy on Campus up there.

thirded. I felt like it expressed the theme perfectly.

Here’s the Overlooked Awards – a couple of shirts that Woot missed:

Aww, thanks for the shout out, but I do believe you’ve accidentally linked Panic at the Pole 3 times, lol.

Excellent! Thanks a lot for the HM woot. Especially on a day like today – where my no insurance-having-butt is either being inflicted by the worst case of strep throat ever or an abscess in my throat that may require surgery. The HM has definitely eased my pain. Or maybe it was the Lidocaine. It’s hard to tell due to all the Hydrocodone I’m on.


So apparently Gary Larson is OK to do if it’s with poor art, but not if it’s drawn well.

congrats to the HMs especially Chris and Gentry.

Grats on the HM Chris!

thanks omnitarian, for the ‘little guy on campus’ mention!
that was my also my entry, as well as ‘the milks gone bad,’ so im just happy that one of mine made it in
thanks again for lookin out

can someone please direct me to the gary larson version of this? i really had no idea that he did something like this…it was completely born of my own imagination, but ill give credit where its due if someone else also had the same idea.

Thanks for the HM woot, and thank you guys for the love. It goes a long way!

Also funny how they commented “if only this were true” on the HM for tgentry’s design, and yet the last HM is a panicking cookie… :tongue:

Uh, Woot . .please explain the Gary Larson reference . . .this really sounds unfair. (I was rejected for a Gary Larson reference a while ago that I had no clue about). So I’m not against this drawing, just want Woot to explain.


I have no clue if Larson did do something along those lines, I just think people are pointing out that a previous entry that was most likely going to be printed (and win) a derby got rejected for being “too close to larson’s work”

It was a version of this: