Derby #63 (Art as Text): Honorable Mentions


Some good choices. Some very very strange choices as well, but, some good ones.

Agreed. Really glad to see artulo’s and zenne’s among others.

I guess we won’t be seeing “Pleasantly Upbeat” again. sigh.

Wow. Woot likes horrifically ugly coffee stains too?

I think I’m a little ill. And I think that every designer who DOESNT have an HM today should feel incredibly insulted

That was such a great shirt. Wish it would have made the cut.

Also surprising not seeing Trick or Treat up here. Maybe Woot will be printing it for Halloween?

I wouldn’t count on it, TBH.

I am so upset coffee stains received an HM. Personally, I felt it was the least creative of any design in the whole derby. That’s saying a lot considering the entries that only got votes in the high teens to mid 20’s or so that week had more creativity.

Fore! wasn’t much better IMO, the only reason I can even see it being here is due to the fact that woot staff likes to golf and likes to sell golfing gear from time to time (would it make me purchase it? not in a million years) the ball looked like it was zeroxed somehow, scanned and possibly vectored. And I say possibly because it still looks rather rough compared to the blood spatter. I was going to point this out during the derby, but didn’t because I thought, “Woot would never choose this design for an HM and it’s too far down the list for an HM anyhow.” While it’s nice to see 71st place entries receiving nods… wittier designs peppered that whole range.

I am happy to see Zenne got a derby nod this week again, and that Artulo’s was recognized for it’s design. I just wish some other designs in the derby could have gotten a well deserved Honorable Mention as well.

Congratulations to all the HMs. I’m especially happy about “You Are Here.” I loved that one.

And thanks, Jaden for the nod at my treehouse. That’s better than an HM any day! Sort of. Well, it’s very nice. :slight_smile:

Half I like, half I don’t. Not a great derby overall.

Boots, if I could hand out free t-shirts too, I would :wink:

thanks for the HM!
great to see artulo’s on here, that was one of my favorites :slight_smile:

Thanks Woot!

i admit, im still learning when it comes to illustrator and some of these design terms, but doesnt “OMG” use halftones? im mainly asking for my own benefit and understanding of this fairly unfamiliar medium.

Yes, but they are big and simple enough Woot could probably print them. Woot just can’t print small or complicated halftones/gradients.